Review: A Hero

Rahim (Adir Jadidi) is in prison for being unable to pay a debt. On a two day leave, he sets a plan in motion to repay his creditor, but it soon spirals out of control.

If there's one thing director Asghar Farhadi loves, it's a nice grey area. He's been exploring that for years and I never tire of it. I still think of the first film of his I saw, A Separation often. He's a filmmaker that I'm always interested in. 

What I appreciated most about this film was its originality. It can't be called basic or predictable. I appreciate foreign movies for always giving me a different perspective. I never quite knew what Rahim was going to do next. I went back and forth with sympathizing with him. Jadidi gives an excellent performance. We know Rahim is doing some shady things, but he's also a real man and father and he has feelings too.

Speaking of fathers, I absolutely loved Saleh Karimeai's performance as Rahim's son, Siavash. He has a stutter, so he doesn't speak often. He's always a quiet observer to what's going on around him and you can tell he has so many emotions built up. It's a small performance that I adored.

I will say, it's a little uneven. I found myself faltering towards the middle, until the stakes get dialed up to 11 again.

So is this for you? If you like Farhadi's previous works and/or moral flexibility. A Hero is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. 

Grade: B-


  1. I have not even heard of it but it would be good to watch from what you wrote here. I know people's rights when it comes to debt and creditors in Canada but it would be neat to find out what the rights are in his area.

    1. Oh you should definitely watch then, even if it's just to compare. That part was so interesting to me.

  2. I do hope to see this as I do like Farhadi's films a lot though I haven't seen his previous one. I'm glad I have Amazon Prime though I'm not sure if my mother would like this she and my dad did like A Separation.

    1. I liked The Salesman slightly more than this, but this was still very good. A Separation is still my favorite.

  3. I'm in. Sounds pretty...tense. Definitely need to watch more foreign films.


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