Review: Argentina, 1985

We follow prosecutor Julio César Strassera (Ricardo Darin) and his young team of lawyers who are tasked with taking on the heads of Argentina's military during the country's former dictatorship. 

I hadn't realized this film was available to stream on Amazon Prime, otherwise I likely would've seen it sooner. It's surprise Golden Globe win for Best Foreign Film is what pushed me to see it. It's a solid courtroom drama, but I probably should've read a Wikipedia article prior to viewing.

I'm quite ignorant about what happened during this dark time in Argentinian history. There are a few quick title cards at the beginning, but I still felt like I was lacking a fair amount of knowledge throughout. Had the film been less engaging, I probably would've paused it and researched like I had to do with the dreadful Silent Twins. 

The testimony we listen to regarding the atrocities committed is heartbreaking, and the trial scenes are when the film is at its strongest. Though it was also very hard to listen to. It's mean to make you uncomfortable and it definitely succeeds. 

If you like a good courtroom drama like I do, this is definitely worth your time. Especially since it's likely to be an Oscar contender. For me personally in the International film category, I'm still on team All Quiet on the Western Front and The Quiet Girl. But this is a perfectly decent watch. 

Grade: B


  1. I need to see this as I'm a fan of Ricardo Darin as he's been one of these great Argentine actors that always gets me interested in whatever he's in as my parents are fans of his as they FUCKING LOVED Wild Tales as they told their friends who FUCKING LOVED that film.

    1. He's great! I loved Wild Tales as well. That movie was bonkers, especially the wedding segment.

  2. I was surprised they won as I thought All Quiet would take it. It sounds quite good and I love a courtroom scene just like my mom did. I don't know much about their history but I do know they were quite put bit mildly

    1. Troubled is VERY mild. It's quite horrifying what went on.


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