Thursday Movie Picks - 2022 Releases


It's 2023, and it's another year of Thursday Movie Picks over at Wandering Through The Shelves. It's crazy how many years she's been at this, and because it IS tough to think of new themes year after year, this year it's biweekly. We're starting off the theme by talking about 2022 releases. I decided to go with 3 foreign films I saw last year that I really enjoyed.

1) The Quiet Girl -
Mostly in the Irish language, this film is about a shy young girl, lost within her own big family who goes to live with distant relatives she's never met for the summer. It's one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. I adored it.

2) Broker -
This wasn't South Korea's submission to the Oscars this year, and I wish it was. It's funny and heartfelt, and yes I cried at the end.

3) Saint Omer -
I love a good courtroom drama, and this French film is almost exclusively told through a trial. The actresses involved are excellent. It's a tough story to listen to, but definitely worth a watch.


  1. I heard about The Quiet Girl but not the others. They looked really good. I really sucked st seeing movies this year

  2. 3 films that I really want to see. I went with a completely different take on 2022 releases that I hope to never ever see.

  3. I've come a cropper with your picks this week though I've heard of Saint Omer somewhere. They all sound interesting especially the first and last. I'll add them to my ever growing list to seek out.

    I thought I was going to come up empty all the way around this week since I still don't feel comfortable going back to a movie theatre and spend a couple of hours surrounded by coughing, sneezing people. However according to Letterboxd I did see a few things.

    The best of those was Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris with Lesley Manville and Isabelle Huppert. I had read the source novelette and seen the first take on it with Angela Lansbury and Diana Rigg (where it was probably titled Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris taking into account the character's Cockney accent). In this one they took some liberties with the character (chief among them making her younger, but thankfully not young!) but since the story of a charwoman who dreams of owning an original Dior dress is so sweet it didn't hurt the film.

    Being an enormous Downton Abbey fan I did watch the newest film (A New Era) the day it was available to stream. Loved it even if it was a bit overstuffed.

    The other is an indie from the UK called "In from the Side" about two members of a gay rugby team, both in relationships, who fall into what starts as a one night drunken encounter and ends up being a complex, difficult affair. I hadn't expected much when I started it but the film turned out to be a real gem.

    1. I saw that Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris is on Peacock now! I'll have to check it out. Definitely going to look into In from the Side as well. I never got into Downton Abbey, so I didn't see the movies.

  4. I haven’t seen or heard any of these. The only non-English movies I watch nowadays are those that get added on Netflix since it’s the only steamer that’s good at actively adding non-English titles on it.

    1. I'm glad Netflix does that. Hopefully they pick up these ones eventually.

  5. I haven't seen any of your picks but they all sounds amazing. So, I'll definitely have to check them out!


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