Review: Infinity Pool

James Foster (Alexander Skarsgard) is an author suffering from major writer's block. Looking for inspiration, he and his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman) take a vacation to the fictional island of La Tolqa where they meet another couple, Gabi and Alban. (Mia Goth and Jalil Laspert) It's through them that James and Em find out about the country's very strange way of dealing with out of control tourists.

We're in a time where a very clever and unique film like Everything Everywhere All At Once is getting a ton of well deserved Oscar nominations and right as January is ending, we're given another film that is also unlike anything I've ever seen. Infinity Pool is crazy. There are other films about cloning out there, but the way this film goes about it feels very fresh. 

Mia Goth continues to swing for the fences with her performances. She is absolutely the star here. Especially towards the end of the film when things really start to go off the rails. Skarsgard is great as well. Eric Northman has come so far.

Do I think this is going to get any Academy love like EEAAO? No. It's probably too weird. There's a lot of nudity and a small, but memorable amount of body horror involved. But it's still very much worth seeing in theaters. 

Grade: B


  1. This was playing at my local multiplex but I ended up seeing EEAAO as I paid two tickets for $14 with my AMC card for myself and my mother as it was a rare moment for her to watch something in the theaters. She thought it was alright as I doubt she'd want to see this film. I'm more intrigued by the NC-17 cut of the film as I am so rooting for Mia Goth.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine watching EEAAO with your mom is probably better than watching Infinity Pool lol. Idk if I want to see an NC17 cut of this. It was enough.

  2. I saw a photo of Alexander Skarsgard being dragged around on a leash by Mia Goth, that was hilarious! Not sure this body horror movie is for me considering I'm very squeamish so I applaud that you can even stomach watching this in the theater!


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