What I Watched on TV in December

I feel like I barely watched any TV this month. It's been mostly a movie month for me, which is a nice feeling. But I did manage a little, and here are my thoughts. 

The White Lotus -
The stupidity of some of these characters threw me over the edge in the finale. I didn't love this season, although it did have some great moments, and Jennifer Coolidge's line about the gays trying to kill her will live in infamy. 

His Dark Materials -
HBO Max treated this like such an afterthought. Barely any promotion, and they released two episodes a week so it was all said and done in 3 weeks. I hate to see prestige TV like HBO get thrown in the gutter because of Discover network. Rant aside, I liked how this wrapped up. Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson really grew with their roles and they have bright futures ahead. 

Yellowjackets -
After hearing so many good things about this during Emmy season, I finally got a Showtime trial to check it out and it did not disappoint. I didn't love the big reveal for the main mystery of season one, but the cliffhanger was awesome and now I can't wait for season 2. 

Wednesday -
My son has been on an Addams Family kick so we watched this together. It was fine. It got a little old for me, but I love it when my son really loves something he watches so it gets bonus points for that. 


  1. Wednesday.... oh, I fucking love that show and I'm so happy it's getting a second season. I am rooting for Wednesday and Enid. I love them both!

  2. I just watched the 1st episode of Wednesday. My ex has sent me the 1st 2 episodes. He showed us her famous dance which is great. This is an excellent show showing Gomez how he did actually look in the cartoons.

    1. My son hates this version of Gomez. It's kind of funny how much it bothers him. I get it. lol


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