Rambling TV: Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire's season finale + more.

Boardwalk Empire episode 4.12:

*WHY?!?!?!?!??!!?!?! Okay, let's be honest, we did see this coming, but if I have one gripe about Boardwalk Empire's mostly awesome season finale, it's about Richard Harrow.
*SPOILER ALERT ----> Richard Harrow has been my favorite character since he was introduced in season one. A big theme for Richard has been that he's always wanted a family, but is afraid he'll never get one because of his disfigurement. He always envied what Jimmy had, and this season, he FINALLY gets a family. He marries the woman he's come to love, and he's become a father figure to Tommy since his parents are dead. Fantastic. If they wanted to write Richard off of the show, they should've had him just leave with his family to Wisconsin. Then at least we would know Richard is happy. But nope, Nucky has him do one last job, which he totally botches, and in his grief, does not get help when he, himself is shot, and goes to die under the pier. The same pier where he spent his first night with Julia. What the fuck. I knew immediately Richard was probably going to die when he hugged Tommy and kissed Julia goodbye - which is really fucked up when you think about it. When did TV make us assume the worst when something good happens to a character?
*Poor Maybelle, that was so shocking and sad. Michael Kenneth Williams owned that scene too. The look on Chalky's face was heart breaking.
*Eli's fight scene with Knox was one of the most intense fight sequences I've ever seen.
*The Chicago story line is going to get A LOT more interesting next season. I literally said "holy shit." when Van Alden showed up to get Eli.
*Nucky tells Willie that "I'm not the man you think I am" after Willie catches him with a gun to his father's head. That totally rings season 2's theme. Nucky can't be half a gangster, even though he pretends to be.
*They showed us where Jimmy's body is. I suppose it's closure. Now that Harrow is dead, Tommy in Wisconsin, and Gillian in jail, we're losing all our of ties to the Darmody family.
*Narcisse survives? Rosetti only gets one season and Narcisse is getting two? What!?
The Walking Dead episode 4.7: Dead Weight

I want to do this to the writers right now.
*I'm going to be honest, I didn't even watch this episode of The Walking Dead. I read a synopsis of it on Friday. I knew it was another Governor episode, and I knew we'd only get a glimpse of the prison at the end. Personally, I think season 4 is being handled pretty horribly, and it had so much potential. Did we really need TWO Governor episodes to show us what we knew all along - that he's still batshit crazy and no matter how much they try to humanize him, he's STILL going to attack the prison.
*They didn't show any Carol (or any group reaction to Rick's news) in the preview, and the sneaks online are all of the Governor's group who I couldn't care less about. Ugh.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 1.8: The Well
Are they going to bone? Maybe May can fuck some more facial expressions into Ward.
*This was the episode that followed up Thor: The Dark World.
*As much as I hate, hate, hate Ward, I actually liked his interactions with May this week.
*But is anyone else as confused as I am about that flash back scene? We know Ward's little brother was the one in the well, but I'm assuming the bully was Ward, and the fat kid was just a friend or something. But other places are saying Ward was the fat kid? I didn't even give it a second thought when I watched it, but after reading other people's interpretations of it, I'm a little confused.
*Plus you know, I liked that scene where Skye and May were calling Thor "dreamy." Mmmmm Chris Hemsworth.
The Big Bang Theory episode 7.9: The Thanksgiving Decoupling
gif via notyoda
*I love Zack, I wish he was a regular.
*I lol'd pretty hard at Sheldon getting drunk and having a "father/son moment" with Bernadette's dad.
*Penny did bring up a good point about Leonard. How he always makes her feel stupid, this is one of the reasons I'm never fully on board with their relationship. (which I go back and forth on constantly)



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