Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead & Boardwalk Empire

My apologies for the rant that is about to take place. #NoDisrepectToBenAffleck
The Walking Dead episode 4.4: Indifference
TWD was kind of split into two groups during this episode. Allow me to get group one out of the way before I lose my shit all over group 2.
Group One consisted of Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese, and Bob. They're out on foot after their car was overrun last episode. Tyreese is still brooding and mad and refuses to listen to reason until Michonne has a little heart to heart with him. She tells him being angry will get him killed. He counters with "why are you still looking for the Governor?" She doesn't know.
Bob admits he has a drinking problem to Daryl, who brushes it off as "bullshit." Once they hit the vet clinic, they run into trouble on their way out. Some walkers grab ahold of Bob's backpack, and he refuses to let it go. We're all thinking he's got medicine in it, but it's really a bottle of whiskey. Daryl is pissed.
Group Two consisted of Rick and Carol. Early on, Carol has a little chat with Lizzie on how to be brave and not afraid to kill. Lizzie accidentally calls her "mom" Carol shuts that shit down.
Out on their run, Rick is cold. Carol tries several times to explain herself as to why she killed Karen and David. They were near death. She wanted to protect everyone by containing the virus. They run into a few hippies while they search a house. Carol fixes the man's dislocated shoulder. A technique she got off of the internet so she wouldn't have to tell people she fell down the stairs. They offer to let them join the group. Rick wants them to stay put, but Carol thinks they should help scavenge. Rick gives Sam his watch and tells him to meet back in two hours.
Rick and Carol reminisce about their old lives a bit. Carol refuses to say Sophia's name because it feels like it was from someone else's life. She didn't think she could be strong, but she is. She always was. Then Rick drops this on her: He doesn't trust her. He doesn't trust her around his family. He knows Tyreese will kill her if he brings her back to the prison, and frankly, he doesn't want her there. He tells her to leave.
Rick and Carol are my two favorite characters, but I couldn't hate Rick anymore at this point. Carol pointed out that Rick killed Shane. Rick says that was different because "Shane was going to kill him." "So were they" Carol counters. I get Rick was probably right about Tyreese losing his shit and killing her, but this WASN'T Rick's decision to make. He should've let the council decide. That's what they're there for. Plus, Rick is coming off as a gigantic hypocrite. He killed Shane, he put a machete through Tomas' head last season, his own son KILLED another kid that was surrendering to him. Shouldn't Carl be banished under that logic too? And the thing that pisses me off even more, Rick showed zero emotion in ANY of these scenes. Rick and Carol seemingly had a strong friendship prior to this. You're telling me he won't even shed a tear for her after he casts her out and tells her "she can find another group and start over?" Yeah, because a loan female in the ZA is totally safe. And what is he going to tell everyone else? The truth? How will they react? Specifically Daryl? I want Daryl to totally lose his shit on Rick for making this decision. I want everyone else to disagree with Rick. Hell, I want Carl to be like "Oh, I killed them and Carol is covering for me!" to make Rick really feel like shit. (No, I don't really think that will happen, but I have a lot of emotions right now)
Do I think this is the last we'll see of Carol? No. Honestly, I don't. There's this promo that shows her back at the prison. (Unless that is a deleted scene or something) and Chris Hardwick made it seem like she was still filming when he spoke with her for Talking Dead. (Which by the way was 1000 times better with Chris Jericho being a guest) I'm still just upset we're probably going to go a few episodes without her. The writers of this show do a pretty good job of butchering all strong female characters. Please don't kill her off. Please let her come back.
Boardwalk Empire episode 4.9: Marriage and Hunting
*Aww, Richard got married! I'm just happy to have him back. We all know the one thing Harrow always wanted was a family. A shot at a normal life. Now he hopefully has that. I hope the judge makes the decision to leave Tommy with Julia and Richard. I'm intrigued about him working for Nucky though. I always saw that happening, but will Nucky ever be able to fully trust Richard? Richard was Jimmy's guy through and through, and Nucky killed him.
*I'm not down with Rothstein's idea for killing Mickey Doyle. I LOVE Mickey! How can you not? I try not to be too worried because the real Doyle didn't die until the late 20's, but then again, O'Banion didn't either.
*This was definitely Van Alden's episode. It showed him arguing with his wife several times. Taking shit from O'Banion and Capone, but when his old colleagues confronted him and started beating them up, and he just shoots them all and doesn't bat an eyelash. THAT is the crazy Van Alden I miss. I loved when he confessed to O'Banion who he really was.
*Normally I would absolutely hate someone going home, throwing money on their wife and demanding sex, but it kind of worked for Van Alden in this scene. That was weird.
*Narcisse makes me hate him more and more every episode. Even though I'm still not sure what his exact motive is for all of this. Greed? Leadership? Either way, I kind of wanted Chalky to pummel him.
*You'd never guess this show was about Nucky after last night's episode. He pretty much took a back seat.


  1. yes! i am BEYOND pissed about the decision to exile Carol. I love Carol and I love the growth in her character. Yes, her decision is highly controversial. but i think what this show does really really well is show how people can become in the event of this kind fo crisis. Carol has not lost her soul, i'd argue. she has regained a brand new one. Plus, everyone on this show has done dirty. and everyone was given a second chance. Daryl. Remember him from the first season? hard to swallow, but now look at him. and we've been patient with rick as he goes through his stuff now. i just think his decision was rash. but, this is good drama! lol

    1. It definitely is good drama, but I'm still so angry. I'm Team Carol all the way. I just really hope Rick doesn't try to lie to everyone about why she is gone. I want them to be angry with Rick's decision. If everyone is like "Meh, good choice. No loss." I will be so done with this show.


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