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The Walking Dead episode 4.5: Internment
You know, normally I would say this was a pretty damn good episode of The Walking Dead, but last week's bullshit story line is still over shadowing this for me.

It's no secret I'm not happy with the whole "Carol is a murderer" story line. I feel like it came out of left field and doesn't suit her character at all. In fact, I kind of hate how The Walking Dead treats their female characters as a whole. But whatever, I've ranted enough on this.

I think it's crap that we didn't get to see anyone's reactions to Rick's big decision. Sure, we saw Maggie's, but is Maggie really more than a plot device at this point? Don't get me wrong, I like Maggie, but she doesn't have a lot to do. Plus, she just agreed with Rick, which is something I don't want. I want to see him challenged for making such a stupid ass decision in the first place. I wanted to hear what Hershel had to say to him. Most of all, I wanted to see Daryl's reaction, because I will not accept anything less than him flipping shit, and we didn't get that. I don't think we'll get it next week either, I think next week's episode will be a stand alone Governor episode. I think the episode that follows will be too. (according to rumors, there's supposed to be two stand alone Governor episodes, I don't see him lasting all season, so that's why I think they will be back to back.) That means we may have to wait three weeks to see Daryl's reaction, and what if they gloss over it? That will ruin this show for me.

Other things we learned this episode: Lizzie may still be a sociopath, Hershel is a bad ass, and thank God we didn't lose Sasha and Glenn.  Although Michonne and Hershel going off into the wood when we know The Governor is hanging out outside the gates.

Boardwalk Empire episode 4.10 White Horse

*I loved those scenes between Chalky and Richard. I loved those scenes between Margaret and Rothstein.

*Does anyone else notice how excessively everyone shoots in this show?

*I'm still afraid Chalky is going to die.

*I wish I could've found a screenshot of Nucky's face during his meeting with Narcisse and Mazzaria. That was fucking priceless.

*I cannot wait until next week to see Richard and Gillian face to face.

The Big Bang Theory episode 7.7: The Proton Displacement
*Thanks for going backwards with Penny's character again, Big Bang. Why do you need to make her so dumb? She can't work a glue gun? REALLY!?
*Although I did chuckle at that lightsabor belt buckle joke.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 1.6: F.Z.Z.T

*This episode was my favorite of the series, you know why? Because Ward and Skye were not the focus of it. Thank God.

*I love Fitz and Simmons, and their interactions in this episode were gold. I don't even see them as a romantic duo at this point, just two people that have a ton of respect for each other.

*I also loved that little scene with Coulson and Melinda. That was sweet.

*They did miss a good opportunity to kill Ward though.

I'm still sad about The Walking Dead, so I'm going to post a gif of Richard Madden's ass from Game of Thrones, because that always makes me feel better:

This gifset from Carol-On made on Tumblr made me feel better too:

All hail Queen Carol.


  1. Damn I really need to catch up on TWD. I'm still on penultimate episode of season 1 and it looks like a fun show to watch while there are so many months to GoT :/

    1. It is a fun show to watch, just not right now. It's pissing me off. lol

  2. LOL I LOVE Carol! Yeah, I don't mind her becoming a murderer (i'm actually other side about her decision to do that). But I think they're building the suspense with both Daryl and Tyreese's reaction to her exile. I know it's killing me too, but it will be all that much sweeter when it happens. As far as Maggie goes, I like her and I think she has her hands full with both Herschel and Glen's predicaments.

    1. I love Carol too, I want her to live and come back and be part of the group again. This is killing me.

  3. TWD lacks direction with the storyline...the super villain Gov. now has a tank and another willing peoples army. Seems like we saw the prison attacked already, and not long ago at that. Add a tank and that makes it all new? Get creative already or just follow the comic. BTW- no roof typical flat, built-up roof can hold a crashed helo. Get some technical experts opinions, that was stupid as hell and set the tone so far.

    1. Yeah, a lot of the Governor's story feels like it should've been used in season 3. I hope they wrap it all up by episode 8 or 9.


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