Indie Gems: Coherence

Twilight Zone.

Em (Emily Baldoni) is on her way to a dinner party when her phone randomly cracks as she's talking on it. She blames the comet that's supposed to pass overhead tonight. She's read about strange things happening during that time in the past. While her friends laugh it off, while their phones start to break and all the lights go out except for a house a few blocks away. They find that Em may be right about this oddity. 

This movie is quite the mind fuck. It's like a puzzle that we have to watch these characters put together. At first it's amusing, then it gets down right creepy for them. Baldoni has a great presence, as do Nicholas Brendon and Hugo Armstrong who play two of her friends at the dinner party. 

The editing is really choppy, but without spoiling it, it makes sense as to why They're cutting the scenes that way once we get towards the end of the film. This is a short film, only around 70 minutes or so, but is definitely worth watching. It's not scary if you're not into horror, I know the premise could give off that impression. 

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Please take your glow stick so we can identify your bodies." - Mike (Nicholas Brendon)


  1. Holy shit, you had me with the premise alone and then you said 'around 70 minutes' and it's pretty much love at first sight.

    Ah, damn. It's not on I'm out. Balls.

    1. Yeah, I got it from Netflix's DVDs. (Which is awesome, more people should use it. The library is way better)

  2. Love that quote. You always pick the best ones.

  3. Remember seeing this a few years ago. It really is an indie gem and I think one of the few examples of a really small film that makes use of a very intriguing premise. Nice review.

  4. This movie is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with $50,000 and no script...
    Cool quote! My fav is this one:
    – And then, he took me to some lawyer bar.
    – A lawyer bar?
    – Yeah. A lawyer bar, kind of. I don’t know. Everybody there seemed like a lawyer. I felt like I was the only person without a tie.
    – Well, maybe we should get you a tie for emergencies.
    – Yeah, wardrobe emergencies



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