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Game of Thrones

King's Landing - Another day on the slow moving KL train. This week we actually made a bit of promise. The Mountain crushed a Sparrow's head, and Tommen bitched out and got rid of Trial by Combat so that screws Cersei over. It ends with Qyburn basically confirming there's Wildfyre stored beneath the city. Cersei's going to light shit on fire.

Meereen - Tyrion plays more drinking games with Missandei and Grey Worm, who for some reason still isn't back in his Unsuilled armor. The masters start attacking, and Dany arrives at the end to, I'm assuming yell "I LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR A FEW DAYS AND THIS SHIT HAPPENS?"

Braavos - Arya went to Lady Crane for her gut wound, and she  patches her up. While she's resting, The Waif shows up and kills Lady Crane. Despite Arya's injury, she participates in a foot chase all through the city, jumps out of a two story window, and kills Waif with barely a look of discomfort. She adds Waif's face to the Hall of Faces, tells Jaqen she's "Arya Stark of Winterfell" and leaves. Jaqen looks after her like that's the outcome he wanted all along. I'm glad Arya killed the Waif and left, but they really should've left out the entire stomach wound because it made everything else completely unbelievable. Did she get whatever Noomi Rapace got in Prometheus to allow her to run around after something got ripped out of her stomach? 

The Riverlands - Now this was disappointing. Jaime and Brienne meet again, and their amazing chemistry is overshadowed by the fact that you know Jaime is about to go on an "I love Cersei" rant with Edmure. They've really thrown away all the development he got in season 3. At least Bronn was there to say what the audience is always thinking...."You think they're fucking?"

Edmure's scene with Jaime was actually really great until the Cersei 5eva rant. I loved how he asked him how he lives with himself. Poor Blackfish died off screen, which was a waste. 

The Hound gets some great lines while killing randoms but that's all ruined when he happens upon the Brotherhood Without Banners and Beric is still alive. I'm still not sure how this is supposed to be a better story than Lady Stoneheart? They name drop her in every single episode this season, and they decided to keep Beric instead? Did they really hate Catelyn that much? Did Michelle Fairley kick their puppies? Why on Earth are they leaving her out? The entire Riverlands story could've been so much better with her. 

The best part of this episode was when it ended and we got to see that glorious teaser for next week's. This was probably one of my least favorite episodes of all time, I need a pick me up for next week. 


We were treated to the most awkward gift giving scene of all time and the return of Minna H√§kkinen who is one of my favorite reoccurring characters on this show. Her banter with Selena is amazing. My favorite part of the entire show was when Jonah literally shot himself in the foot on TV, and Ben couldn't control his laughter. It was amazing.

Memorable Quotes:

"Do you have a very narrow vagina? "

"That's the outfit I picture when I'm trying not to come."

"I know what he likes...Nordic beav."

"Which one of you johnny apple dicks..."

Other TV talk 

Daredevil - Now that I'm finished I "look forward" to whatever job Karen gets handed to her next season. You know, she's qualified to do anything. It wouldn't shock me if she becomes some powerful businesswoman that single handedly keeps the Defenders in check.  

The Walking Dead - So get this, AMC are being such huge babies about their precious Lucille Victim being revealed that they actually slapped one of the biggest spoiler sites out there with a lawsuit if they reveal it, as they were about to this week. Never mind that process of elimination will reveal it eventually anyways. (Highlight over this if you want to know who it more than likely is ---> Glenn, he hasn't shown up for filming and has been currently filming another movie in South Korea the entire time. <---- span="">

2 Broke Girls - No, I'm not watching this show. I want to ask my readers a question, why the fuck do people watch this show? It's just a bunch of dumb one liners. 

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  1. Why does CBS even exist with their crappy shows?

  2. Veep sounds just as quotable as ever.

    1. Veep always has the best one liners. I can never remember all of them.

  3. The King's Landing storyline has probably been the weakest of the season. Wildfyre can't come soon enough (although why would Cersei want to blow the city up with Tommen still in it?)

    I completely agree about the Arya stuff too - why did she have to get such a huge wound if it didn't matter much anyway? Couldn't the Waif have just sliced her arm or something? It would've made the chase more realistic.

    I haven't reached this part in the books yet, so I don't get the Stoneheart hype. But even without her, the storyline in the Riverlands has been disappointing; killing the Blackfish off screen was a letdown and the still couldn't care less about the Hound.

    Next week is looking better. Jon v. Ramsay and Dany v. that whole fleet (unless the latter is being saved for the finale). Regardless, the next two should be a huge improvement.

    1. Stoneheart was quite the shocking reveal and she's about to pit Jaime and Brienne against each other. I hate that they're not doing it.

      I'm really looking forward to next week's!

  4. I can't even comment on this Thrones clusterfuck. Still haven't seen new Veep so that's gonna be my viewing tonight :) Psyched for Minna LOVE HER! That actress was so funny in Bridget Jones films

    1. She's hysterical in this episode. I'm also having trouble talking about the shit Thrones from last week. Hopefully Snowbowl blows me away.


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