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Since this is my first post of the week, I have to talk about Anton Yelchin's tragic death. This guy was a fantastic actor and one I've enjoyed watching since I first saw him in Alpha Dog all those years ago. Watching the new Star Trek movie is going to have an underlying sadness now. RIP.

Game of Thrones

Only two locations to talk about this week, but man did they deliver

Dany has had enough of Tyrion's shit. She meets with the three Slavers as they attack Meereen and tells them she's here to accept their surrender, and that her reign is just beginning. Then Drogon flies in, she hops on his back, and Rhaegal and Viserion break out of their tomb and they destroy the slavers ships. Grey Worm gets the honor of killing two of the Slavers himself, including the extra douchey one. Later, Yara and Theon meet with Dany in the throne room and offer their services to her. She accepts.

The dragon CGI was SO much better than Daznak's Pit last year. I wish it would've looked like this the entire time. It's rare that I nerd out over the dragons, I'm more of a direwolf girl, but this was awesome.

Snowbowl begins! Jon, Davos, Tormund, Sansa, and Lyanna Mormont (glaring at Ramsay the whole time) treat with Ramsay and co at the beginning. Ramsay throws Shaggydog's severed head to prove he has Rickon (seriously, they kept that thing?) Sansa says he's going to die tomorrow. Later, she bitches about not being included in the war planning because she's the only one that knows Ramsay, yet she doesn't tell Jon about the Vale army. Had she done that, perhaps more people would be alive. Jon acts rashly later on, but Sansa was even more reckless, in my opinion. I really hated what she did in this episode until the very end.

Ramsay sends Rickon off running towards Jon while shooting arrows, right as Rickon is about to make it, he's shot through the heart and killed. It was a very tense scene and so sad to see the youngest Stark go out like that. The last time Jon saw him, he was just a little boy fetching his arrows, and now one killed him. Jon charges early.

The battle was tremendous. It starts with this glorious long shot of Jon fighting. It looked like something that belonged on the big screen. This deserves every CGI award out there. Words cannot describe it. At the end, when Sansa's secret Vale army makes the save, Jon races after Ramsay in Winterfell and beats the shit out of him. It was so pleasing.

The battle wasn't without it's casualties. Wun Wun died. Tormund went all Rick Grimes on Smalljon Umber which was fantastic. Davos found out about Shireen's death right before it happened. It ends with Sansa watching Ramsay being eaten alive by his hounds. It was a fitting moment, and even though she pissed me off at the beginning of the episode, I'm glad she was there for that. Her walk away from him reminded me of when she walked out of the throne room in King's Landing after she found out she no longer had to marry Joffrey. 

Next week's episode has a lot of ground to cover. I can't wait.


Did anyone else feel terrible for Mike in this episode? I didn't realize everyone hated him so much. This was different as it was shot through Catherine's documentary. It was an interesting touch. So Tom James is going to be the President. Will Selena be his Veep? I think she will.

Memorable Quotes: 

"That's the least reassuring sentence I've heard since it's okay, it's just the tip." 

"Is it weird going hallway to hallway with your mom's twin?"

"Why would I want to stand next to that twig when I can stand next to you.

"Alabama, first in the alphabet, last in everything else."

The Path
I started watching The Path because I love Aaron Paul and have a fascination with religious cults. Turns out Hulu isn't free anymore. Like at all, even the hulu.com/free wants you to sign up for something. So instead, I'm watching a very filtered version on youtube where the voices are lowered dramatically to get around copyright infringement. Even with all that, it's interesting so far. Hugh Dancy is a creep.

Orange is the New Black
I've watched the first two episodes so far, and saw a massive spoiler later on that's breaking my heart, but I won't talk about it until I get there.

OINTB is always brilliant with their song choices, but hearing Last Resort by Papa Roach as Alex and Lully are literally cutting up the CO that tried to kill Alex last season was priceless. I usually never enjoy Alex, but I loved her in that first episode.

Piper of course is an insufferable bitch. It's interesting to see how far Red has fallen too. Season 1 Red would've had the girl that snores moved out of her bunk, but not anymore. 

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  1. I still can't believe Anton Yelchin is dead. He was a great actor, but most important he was very young, and surely didn't deserve to die.

    I absolutely loved this episode of GoT. I like Dany a lot but her storyline was getting quite boring. Now she is finally back. And those dragons, oh my god, they looked so perfect! And the battle was spectacular too, and the CGI was very impressing. Jon kicking Ramsay's butt was probably my (and everyone else) favourite moment though. Can't wait for next week's episode.

    I've watched the entire season of OITNB already, and I can tell you that the song choices are better than ever. And the moment you mentioned is one of most memorable of the season imo.

    1. I wish I had more time to binge it.

      I can't believe he's dead either. It's so sad, It's going to be tough watching his final films as well.

  2. Game of Thrones was, by definition, LIT. I don't know what kind of camera lens they used, but that was some high quality footage!! Better than most movies I've seen lately!

    1. It was, that episode deserves all the VFX awards.

  3. I was LIVING for the dragons on GoT this week, especially since it had looked like it was going to be all Winterfell. I was also living for the chemistry between Dany and Yara. Not living so much for Sansa this week. She was a bit whiny and she better have a DAMN good explanation for holding out about the Vale army. HOWEVER, given that Jon (awesome as he can be) is a HUGE IDIOT, I almost don't blame her for keeping it secret. Ramsay's end was perfectly satisfying.

    I was actually glad to know that everyone else on Veep also thinks Mike is terrible at his job, because HE IS. This was one of the best episodes of the season, I thought. Really clever and OMG SO FUNNY.

    Piper's insufferability on OITNB is just a given. It's kinda the point of her character. It's sad to see how Red has fallen, but she's basically had all her power taken away. That Papa Roach scene had me chortling with laughter. Alex and Lolly make for a great odd couple pairing. I am ACTIVELY avoiding spoilers.

    1. I don't think Jon is an idiot, he had a very real reaction to seeing his younger brother being murdered in front of him by a guy who repeatedly raped his sister. Sansa was the bigger idiot of the hour, imo.

  4. Sansa stans all over the world are mourning over the way the writers handled her this episode, I think there is some sort of silent treatment/protest on the board because those who don't like it are at fault, not the writers :lol: I liked the battle and acting bar Turner, but the script is just so mediocre comparing to everything else

    1. Stansas are probably going to be the same after this week too. It's a shame they're reverting her back to annoying S1 Sansa.


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