Indie Gems: Wild Rose

Not western, just country.

Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley) is fresh out of prison after a year long stint for a drug charged. She dreams of moving to Nashville and becoming a country music star, but the reality is she's not a convicted felon with two children she had before she turned 18. Her mother, Marion (Julie Walters) has been taking care of the while Rose-Lynn has been in prison. Now she must choose between following her dream and her responsibilities as a parent.

Like country music in general, Rose-Lynn is a damn mess. She drinks too much, she's an absent parent and she takes no responsibility for the mess she puts herself in. In fact, the only time Rose-Lynn is in any way put together is when she's on stage performing. Her talent cannot be denied. It's hard sometimes to watch a character like this when you'd rather shake them and tell them to get their priorities straight, but Rose-Lynn thankfully gets there.

Buckley is absolutely amazing in this film. You can tell no one saw it otherwise her name would be everywhere in the Best Actress race. She's a very talented singer, she does a very convincing Scottish accent and best of all she doesn't make Rose-Lynn unbearable which she easily could've been. Walters also gives a strong performance, as does Sophie Okonedo as Susannah, a woman who takes an interesting in Rose-Lynn.

Okonedo is a very sympathetic actress to me. I see her and just want to hug her, so I had a bit of anxiety/annoyance during part of this film because I expected it to go one way, but it was thankfully rectified. A lot about this film is familiar but little touches set it apart. I even enjoyed the music, despite not caring for country at all.

This is out on DVD now in the U.S Give it a watch if you come across it.

Grade: B

Watched on: DVD Netflix

Memorable Quote: "I should've been born in America" - Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley)


  1. I heard great things about this movie as I do want to see this and to hear those songs be played and win the Oscars. Anything to not have to hear that succubus Taylor Swift not win or be nominated.

    1. lol These are probably stronger than anything that will come from Cats.


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