Breaking Bad Season 5 Review

I think Breaking Bad just might be the best show I've ever seen.

Even with the infuriating "mid season break" These 8 episodes really delivered.

In this season we see the aftermath of Gus Fring's death, and Walter White's deeper descent into the world of drugs. His ego is consuming him. He's less the man that was doing this only to support his family, and more the man yearning for power. This season's tag line "All Hail The King" says so much. The final 8 episodes have to pack a powerful punch.

Here's what I'm looking forward too.

Keep Walt and Jesse connected: This season saw Jesse saying he was out. Walt still visted him to give him the money he owed. Walt and Jesse are at their best when they are together. Almost like a surrogate father/son. Their relationship is my favorite, and there has to be a powerful scene between them. We know Walt has screwed over Jesse in many unforgivable ways (Jane's death, Brock) and Jesse is bound to find out. (I'm assuming from Saul, since Mike is no longer with us) But despite all that, we know Walt cares for him (He accidentally called Walt Jr, "Jesse" in season 3. I am eager for a final emotional showdown between the two. Jesse is the one character I hope survives everything.

Hank's "aha!" moment: Leave it to Breaking Bad to have the subtlest thing pack such a punch. I can't wait to see how he confronts Walt.

There Will Be Blood: I expect the body count to be quite high in it's final season. For some reason, I can see Skylar dying, maybe that's what throws Walt over the edge? (Lots of foreshadowing with Hank and Marie keeping Holly) Perhaps Walt will even kill Hank for finding out his secret? Will Walt lose control and kill Jesse? I'd bet a lot of money on Todd being a goner. One thing I think is for certain..

Cancer has to kill Walter White: Walt thinks he's unstoppable, but he can't run from his cancer. Judging from the flash forward, he's no longer in remission. It would be fitting for cancer to kill him, rather than it being drug related.

God, I'm getting more excited just writing about this


  1. I skipped your post because I'm only on Season One and wanted to avoid spoilers. Just wanted you to know I've tuned in and will probably be back to discuss it with you later.


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