DVD Review: The Lucky One

Of course this is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.
Is there a more repetitive writer than Nicholas Sparks? All of his novels turned movies follow the same formula. Two people are in love, one has a secret, someone important dies. Wash, rinse, lather, repeat.
The Lucky One follows Logan (Zac Efron, possibly the world's most unrealistic Marine) while he's on tour in Iraq. He finds a picture on the ground, and while he's admiring it, his platoon is attacked. He survives and credits the girl in this picture as his guardian angel. He doesn't know who she is, so he goes on a hunt to find her. He sees a lighthouse in the background of her picture, so he goes online and finds that it is in Louisiana. (I'm sure he spent hours doing that, right?) Logically, he and his dog WALK there and find that the girl in the picture, Beth (Taylor Schilling, who could pass as Efron's mother) works at a dog trainer/kennell. Of course he gets the perfect opportunity to explain why he's there, but Beth interrupts him and he drops it. Of course she has a young son that takes a liking to Logan, and of course she has a crazy ex husband. Of course.
Every part of this movie felt like a gigantic cliche. It was completely unwatchable. I had to force myself to finish. Thanks for reminding me why I hate romantic movies like this. It was fucking awful.
Recommended: No
Grade: F
Memorable Quote: "I wish it had. I wish it had." - Logan (Zac Efron)


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