Indie Gems: Casa de mi Padre

Ode to Spanish soap operas.
Will Ferrell speaking fluent Spanish with Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal is what sold me on this. How could it not?
Armando (Ferrell) has worked on his father's ranch in Mexico his entire life. His brother Raul (Luna) has gotten into trouble with the drug king pin, Onza (Bernal) and soon Armando finds himself tangled in their fight. There's also the fact that Armando has fallen in love with Raul's fiancee, Sonia. (Genisis Rodriguez)
Case de mi Padre is very self aware of how ridiculous soap operas can be. They take full advantage of this. From obvious stages, fake back drops, horses, and even people at times. CDMP relishes in it's outrageous behavior. Onza smokes two cigarettes at a time, Armando and Sonia have an ass grabbing love fest, and blood always splatters in the most ironic of places. Everyone and everything in this film was hilarious to me.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "I will beat you with these hands!" - Armando (Will Ferrell)


  1. This doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but I enjoyed your review. I have seen and liked Diego Luna in several movies. One was Milk. I forgot the other one.

  2. This looked hilarious, and I love Ferrell...I'll have to catch this one soon. Great review!


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