Indie Gems: Normal Adolescent Behavior

Oh by the way..Havoc 2
When NAB was released on DVD, they changed the name to include Havoc 2. Even though this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the original. The plots are not even similar. The only connections are teens that are having sex.
Wendy (Amber Tamblyn) and 5 of her friends have one big open relationship. They want to avoid the typical heartbreak and drama of high school, so they stick together and are essentially a rotating set of friends with benefits. They were once a group of 8, but two members left because they only wanted to be with each other. The group now shuns them. Wendy meets Sean (Ashton Holmes) and she's torn between starting a relationship with him, and leaving her friends. Billie (Kelli Garner) who is also part of the group doesn't want Wendy to ruin what they have.
This isn't 5 star film making, but I actually thought the movie was really interesting. The idea of 6 friends having an open relationship like that was different and intriguing. It made me wonder if something like that could actually work. I came across this film at a video store, and I rented it because I like Garner and Tamblyn. There's been a lot of confusion with it, aside from the title change. Lifetime also airs a this film occasionally, but it's heavily edited due to it's R rating. So much is taken out in fact, that the movie doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you do seek out this film, I strongly urge you to find the DVD and not watch it on Cable.
Grade: C+ (Yes, a lower rating. I acknowledge it's not the best movie out there, but I still found it really interesting.)
Memorable Quote: "They meant something to me." - Wendy (Amber Tamblyn)


  1. Hmmm ... wow. As if adolescent sex isn't complicated enough already? :-) This does sound different, even if it isn't a masterpiece, and would undoubtedly provide great fodder for discussion with my teens about friendship, relationships, sexuality, etc.

    I hate it when television edits R-rated movies. Seriously? Post a parental advisory and just let us watch the movie.

  2. It's really nice to see someone talk about this film. I saw it a year or two ago and found it to be an interesting experience, if a bit unfocused - the subplot with the kid and the neighbor was quite pointless, for instance. I was really surprised to find out that many people hated the movie, though.


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