Review: Looper

Bruce Willis is still a badass.
The year is 2044. Time travel doesn't exist yet, but it will. When the mob wants someone dead, they tie them up, gag them, and send them back in time for people called Loopers to kill and dispose of the body. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a Looper. He's also a struggling addict. The thing about Loopers is that eventually they will have to kill their older selves. This is called "closing the loop." When Joe's older self (Bruce Willis) is sent to him, he gives Joe a terrible warning and takes off. Now Joe's employers are after them both, because you have to close the loop.
In a world of remakes, sequels, book adaptations, it's nice to see something so original. Director/Writer Rian Johnson put a lot of thought into this and it pays off. The story is wonderful. The future is different, but not over the top "spacey" either. He adds some interesting quirks. At first I was a little distracted by the amount of make up Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to wear to resemble Bruce Willis, but I got used to it. He's the heart and soul of the film and he does a tremendous job. Bruce Willis is his usual badass self, but he's faced with some tough consequences. Even Paul Dano has a short but memorable part. Brave is a good word to describe this film. Just when I thought it wouldn't go "there", it did. It packs an emotional punch.
I don't know if this is a film that Oscar voters will love, but I definitely think it deserves an original screenplay nomination at least. Another funny thing, the music doesn't play in the credits right away. So the screen is silent, and the theatre I was in was filled with "yeah that was good." "I liked it." and "wow."
Recommended: Yes
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "Shut your fucking child mouth." - Older Joe (Bruce Willis)


  1. Seeing this tonight. Really excited. Great review!

  2. This sounds great! It sounds more imaginative and exciting than anything I've seen in a while. Terrific review!

  3. Awesome! Really looking forward to this one, good sci fi movies are almost as rare as good horror flicks.

  4. Great review. I liked the film, but I didn't enjoy it this much.

  5. yeah, i'm sure oscar will ignore it. but, while i don't think it's oscar caliber, i think the makeup is actually quite great here and should get recognized. speaking of which, i barely recognized jgl as jgl in this. and that was one of the best parts to me


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