True Blood Season 5 Review

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Anyways, one of the things I've been eager to talk about is wrapping up my favorite shows. So for the next few days, that is what my posts will be about. We'll start with the highly anticipated, but ultimately a major let down - True Blood.

True Blood is starting to remind me of Rescue Me. I loved the show, defended it constantly, but it went downhill, fast. Even though it got pretty terrible at times, I still watched and loved it all the same. True Blood entered terrible territory this season.

The main problem with this season was that there were too many story lines going on at once:

The Authority - which was interesting, but since they were in the same room for nearly the entire season it felt like it was taking forever to take off.

The Return of Russell Edgington - Which I was really looking forward too, and it was a lot of fun, but his send off was a disappointment. I was hoping for a fight.

The "Obamas" - I wish they could've focused more on this and dropped the other mini story lines, at least this brought the majority of our characters together.

The Ifrite - I like Terry and background characters. I hated this so much I nearly did a fucking back flip when it was over. What a waste of time.

Where or where is Jesus's head? - Any Lafayette screen time is welcomed, and Lafayette and Jesus scenes made me smile. I was ok with this. It didn't take up too much time.

Tara - The first few episodes with her tearing up Sookie's house got annoying. Her subsequent scenes with Pam were gold. Pam really does get the best lines. I'm not sure how I feel about the Tara/Pam relationship going forward, but I hope Tara reconciles with Sookie and Lafayette, and I hope to see more Eric/Pam next season as well.

Faeries - For once in my life I didn't hate the Faerie story line! I have a feeling next season will be built around Warlow and unlocking more of Sookie's powers. How crazy Bill will play into that is a mystery. I can see them fixing him right away, and moving on with the Fae stories.

Jessica's relationships. - I hated most of Jessica's scenes at the beginning of the season. Hoyt is a whiner, who I am not sure I'll miss, and Jason turning into a lovesick puppy was not the Jason I wanted to see. It will be interesting to see where this goes from here.

Andy/Holly/Fae Babies -  I have to admit Holly's kids confronting her about the facebook picture was hilarious, but if it weren't for Lafayette and Arlene being drunk in the background during Andy's Faerie woman's birthing scene I might have shut my TV off. That was just ridiculous..almost as ridiculous as..

Eric and Nora - I'm honestly surprised Nora survived this season. I just think Eric suddenly having a sister doesn't make a lot of sense for the show. Where was Nora when Godric died? Why was she never in the many Godric flashbacks we've gotten? Why didn't Godric say anything to Eric about Nora before he committed suicide? It just doesn't fit in. Plus I hate that they are referring to Godric as "father" now. Pam never called Eric that. Jessica (until this season) never referred to Bill as "father." You don't see Tara calling Pam "mom." It just sounds silly.

Sam/Luna - I actually really enjoyed their relationship this season. I hope that Luna doesn't die.

Alcide - I like Alcide when he's with our main characters. I don't like Alcide by himself. I enjoyed his scenes with Sookie at the beginning of the season, but if he's not with Sookie or Eric, he's boring. I didn't care for the scenes with his father, and the pact scenes were dull until vampires got involved.

Things I want to see next season:

Less story lines: Seriously, this was too much. This isn't fucking Game of Thrones where each story actually serves a purpose. Get our characters back together (preferably at Merlotte's) and go from there.

Go forward with Warlow: There has been plenty of build, please make it interesting.

Don't waste Evil Bill: Please don't "fix" him in the first episode. Let him tie into the Warlow story. Hell, maybe he can assist him.

More Eric/Sookie, please: I miss smutty Eric/Sookie sex.

More Eric/Pam and Sookie/Tara/Lafayette: I miss Eric and Pam's scenes together, and I want Sookie, Tara, and Lafayette to repair their friendship. You can lose Nora too while you're at it.

Well, that's it for now. For you True Blood fans, what did you think of season 5? Was it as big of a letdown for you as it was for me? Will you still be watching next season with show runner Alan Ball no longer at the helm?


I found a clip of the bonus scene on youtube. This is intriguing..


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