DVD Review: The Deep Blue Sea

"The" is the keyword.
Without "the," this could easily be confused for the movie where that shark ate everybody. No, Terence Davies' adaptation of the play is so much more.
Stage 5 clinger Hester (Rachel Weisz) is in the midst of a divorce with her much older husband, Sir William Collyer. She's also in a love affair with Freddie (Tom Hiddleston) who clearly doesn't love her as much as she loves him. We meet Hester in the aftermath of a suicide attempt and this isn't the first time she will do something like this.
  The acting by our three leads is fantastic, and I love how Davies shot the film. It's based on a play, and it feels like one right down to the sets and lighting. Even the way the characters move makes it feel like they should be on a stage. The main problem for me was that I didn't care for Hester. Her attention seeking and mopey behaviors made me wonder what either man saw in her. Not to mention we don't know why she left her seemingly loving husband in the first place. (His age, perhaps? It's easy to see why she would fall for someone as good looking as Freddie.) Hester is in serious need of a reality check. Towards the end of the film, I think she finally receives one.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "You were the one that didn't want to wait for the divorce. Not me." - Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston)


  1. Glad you liked it, and I'm glad you liked all of the leading performances. I thought Simon Russell Beale nearly stole the film from Rachel Weisz.

  2. I want to see this so badly!


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