Film and Food

As a movie lover, it's safe to say that film effects my life in several different ways. Occasionally, that includes the way I eat. Think about it. Has a film ever changed your opinion of food? Made you crave a certain something? Or make you never want to eat it again? It certainly has for me. Here's 5 films that make me either crave it, or cringe at the sight of it.

The Film: Se7en
The Food: Spaghetti sauce
The Reaction: Cringe

As if eating yourself to death isn't gross enough. They had to have that bucket of puke underneath the table to top it off. I have never looked at spaghetti sauce the same since. I'll take my noodles with butter, thanks.

The Film: Matilda
The Food: Chocolate Cake
The Reaction: Cringe

Watching that poor boy eat that entire chocolate cake in front of the entire school was enough to make me stick with white cake for quite some time. I've since welcomed chocolate cake back into my life, but it took awhile.

The Film: Waitress
The Food: Pie
The Reaction: Crave

I rarely eat pie, but watching Jenna throw her feelings into the wonderful pies she makes at Joe's Diner gives me a reason to want them.

The Film: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
The Food: White Castle burgers
The Reaction: Crave, then cringe.

I had never even heard of White Castle before that film came out. (Seriously, the closest one is 400+ miles away)  I always said I would try them if I ever came across a restaurant. Well I did, and it was not that great. Shortly after the burgers started showing up in vending machines at the office. It's like I'm being mocked.
The Film: The Kids Are All Right
The Food: Salad, veggies, anything fresh.
The Reaction: Crave

For some reason every time I watch that film I feel like I don't eat healthy enough. Whenever we see Jules, Nic and company eating, they're eating salads, fresh looking veggies, pasta, etc. I immediately want to start serving more salads when I make dinner. It's currently making me feel a little bad about the glass of chocolate milk I just got done drinking. (oops)


  1. Great post! I have the same reaction to all of these picks.

  2. Awesome post!! I don't like pie either, but watching Waitress made me actually crave them, ahah. The film 'Chocolat' also makes me crave chocolates though I don't usually care for those.

  3. This is a great idea for a post. :-) I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Kids Are All Right definitely made me crave healthy food ... and red wine. And I wanted to try all the pies in Waitress.

  4. Nice idea for a post! Food in films always make me hungry though :) I recently shot a film that included a lot of food, so I have much respect for movies that can make food look real and tasty.

  5. Love this. That scene from Se7en is cringe worthy indeed.

    I've been a vegetarian for six years, but everytime I see Jules Winnfield take a bite of that cheeseburger from Big Kahuna Burger, I momentarily consider a switch to the otherside.


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