DVD Review: The Artist

I finally got around to watching The Artist. Last year during awards season, I attempted to see this a couple different times. Every time I was ready, I'd change my mind. As much as people raved about it, I had no interest in seeing it. Even now, I feel like I'm obligated to see it because it was a Best Picture winning.
George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a famous silent movie star. One day, he randomly bumps into vivacious Peppy Miller ( Berenice Bejo) and after their picture appears in the papers, everyone is wondering "who's that girl?" Eventually Peppy makes it big into the film business, and the silent screen is dwindling and being replaced by "talkies." George doesn't want any part of this, and slowly goes in to a downward spiral.
Maybe I was too cynical going in, but I couldn't really find anything to like about George. He makes so many poor decisions all because he won't evolve with his industry. When he finally does come around, it feels like he's really just taken Peppy for granted. It's not to say the leads weren't fantastic, because they were. Both gave great and lively performances. The score also stood out. I don't think The Artist is a bad movie, I think it's simply okay. Nothing I'd want to watch again, and ultimately forgettable. (aside from the tap routine at the end of the film. I loved that) How did this win Best Picture at the Oscars? Did it seem like the cool thing to do to vote for the silent film?
Recommended: No
Grade: C
Memorable Quote: "Perfect!" - Al Zimmer (John Goodman)


  1. Completely agree with this review. I understand why this was nominated, but to win? Really? There were a lot of duds nominated though, and a lot of films that got little to no recognition...Drive...Shame...Beginners.

  2. Sorry you didn't like it more - it's my favorite from last year, but I'm glad you liked performances!

  3. What Sati said, although it's my second favorite film from last year. ;)

  4. I think that is exactly why it won (cool thing to vote for). I enjoyed the film, but it is definitely not good enough for best picture.


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