Indie Gems: Tomboy

A simple lie.
Ten year old Laure (Zoe Heran) and her family have just moved in to a new neighborhood. Her hair is short, she prefers boys clothes to dresses and her favorite color is blue. She decides to spend her summer as a boy, and introduces herself is Mickael to her new friends.
I can only guess what is going through Laure's head when she eventually gets caught up in her lie. This young actress displays it well on her face. One thing I really liked about this film was the parental approach to a transgender child. Laure's parents are more upset with the fact that she lied versus the fact that she prefers to be a boy. They accepted her for who she was, and that's how it should be. 
Tomboy is a short film, barely 80 minutes, but it works well with the story. At times, I felt Jeanne, (Malonn Levana) Laure's little sister was a bit unbelievable for her age, but that's just a minor complaint. All and all, a great little French film that's currently available on Netflix Instant, and is worth checking out.
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "Mickael is my favorite." - Jeanne (Malonn Levana)


  1. This sounds like a movie I'd really enjoy. I think transgendered girls have a much easier time, on the whole, than transgendered boys. It's kind of cool to be a "tomboy," but "effeminate" boys are vulnerable to ridicule and abuse.


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