DVD Review: The Other Woman

Shitty People: The Movie
Let me start out by saying that all of the main characters in this movie are completely miserable. Also the word "bitch" is going to be overused in this review. Fair warning.
Emilia (Natalie Portman) is a schemer who happens to fall in love with a married man, Jack. (Scott Cohen) He's in a loveless marriage to Carolyn (Lisa Kudrow) They have a young brat son named William. (Charlie Tahan) Eventually Emilia and Jack fall pregnant. Jack gets a quickie divorce, they have a quickie marriage, and then their baby tragically dies 3 days after she is born.
I give this film major props for telling the story from 'The Other Woman's' point of view, and also for trying to sympathize with her. I didn't completely write off Emilia as nothing but a home wrecker. In my opinion, she's the only person in this entire movie who's bitchiness is actually justified. She lost her baby, if I were in her shoes, I'd be a raging bitch as well. It doesn't help that her husband is a complete wuss who doesn't know how to punish his smug child when he says something inappropriate, and trust me, William doesn't have any redeeming qualities until the very end of the film, and then it's too little too late. Don't even get me started on Carolyn. Sure, in a way she deserves to be mad over losing her marriage to another woman, but can you blame Jack for leaving her? She's a crazy, overbearing, coddling bitch. There is absolutely nothing to like about her character. Even when she has her "redemption" scene later in the film, it's still done with no heart whatsoever. She's mean, cruel, and never gives us a reason to feel sorry for her for being cheated on. Basically, she's a bitchy coated bitch with bitch filling.
Then there's a subplot about Emilia not getting along with her father for his fuck up of a marriage to her mother, it hints at things more than it explains. So more excuses for people to act like bitches. There is not a single likable character in this film (apart from Emilia's friend, but she's barely in it.) There's just "less bitchy" and "too bitchy." Plus all this talk of dead babies is insanely depressing.
Recommended: No
Grade: D
Memorable Quote: "I know the difference between here and gone." - Emilia (Natalie Portman)


  1. Great review! I've been debating over whether to rent this movie, and you just saved me $3.50. :-D I wonder why they didn't make these characters people you could feel compassion for?

  2. Portman was ok. She was pretty much just pissed, then a little sad, then pissed again. Not much of a stretch. She's done better things.


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