DVD Review: There Be Dragons

Faith, Forgiveness, Redemption.
Warning - Boardwalk Empire season 3 spoilers are ahead***
When Boardwalk Empire decided to kill of one of the two only good looking guys left on the show Owen, played by Charlie Cox, I decided I needed to get my fix elsewhere. So I stumbled upon a recent film he did with Wes Bently called "There Be Dragons."
Now I know why this film was a barely a blip on anyone's radar - it was terribly boring. A journalist, Roberto (Dougray Scott) is investigating the story of Josemarie Escriva. (Charlie Cox, in flash backs) As it turns out, his own father (played by Wes Bently in flashbacks) has a very long history with this man.
I have to admit, I had no prior knowledge of Josemaria, or Opus Dei for that matter. (Apart from just recognizing the names) Even after watching this film, I don't know that I could tell you much about it. The pacing makes it almost excruciating to sit through and the performances are terrible. I hate to say it about actors I enjoy, but they are. Their accents were all over the place. At times I thought the film was very nice to look at, but it had no emotional connection whatsoever. Ultimately, this is very forgettable.
Recommended: No
Grade: D
Memorable Quote: "It is remarkably easy to join a war." - Josemarie Escriva (Charlie Cox)


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