Indie Gems: Bernie

Even the nicest people can do horrible things.
Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) is a friendly funeral director who recently moved to Carthage, TX. He takes a lot of pride in his work and is very involved with the church. The residents fall in love with him easily, and how could you not? Bernie is just so nice and so good at what he does. When the towns crabbiest lady, Marjorie Nugent (Shirley McClaine) becomes a widow, he treats her with the same kindness he shows everyone else. Marjorie takes a liking to him and soon they are traveling on lush vacations and he is her constant companion. In fact, he basically becomes her servant, and under stress he ends up killing her and covering it up. The story is told through interviews of the locals and by the DA  Danny Buck. (Matthew McConaughey)
Jack Black gives the best performance of his career in Bernie. He perfectly embodies him. There were times when I was watching that his performance reminded me of another great one this year; Philip Seymour Hoffman's in The Master. Telling the story through interviews with the town folk was a good choice and made way for plenty of humor. McConaughey was also brilliant ant playing who he plays best...a lawyer. This is all based on a true story as well and the credits even show Black chatting with Tiede. At first glance, one might over look this little gem, but it is definitely worth your time.
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "Oh she will rip you a new 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double wide ass hole." - Townsperson 


  1. I really enjoyed this movie, glad you did too. You're so right about McConaughey and the lawyer roles - he is always so bad ass when he plays this type of character.


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