Random Ramblings: Quick Film/TV Thoughts

I've managed to watch an insane amount of TV this past week. I was sick, it was snowing outside, basically it was a good excuse to not move from my couch all day. So here's a bunch of mini reviews of the things I've been watching on TV Lately.

Klown - I actually enjoyed Klown, but the reason I feel like I can't do a full review justice is because I fell asleep watching it and had to start over. (Not because it was boring, mind you. Because I was very sick) That being said, holy crap this movie is dirty. Raunchy comedy is usually my thing, but man this one has it's filthy moments. I'd really suggest watching this on Netflix Instant while it's still out there.

Magic Mike - I couldn't finish this. The minute one of the lead characters (played by the horrible Alex Pettifer) gets into drugs, and inevibidly starts his downward spiral, I had to turn it off. It was stupid to begin with, but at that point it just got worse. I enjoy hot guys, wearing next to nothing dry humping things/people just as much as the next person, but you can really only go so far with that. Channing Tatum had some good moves, He'll probably end up with a Globe nom for it. Joe Manganiello is hot, anyone who watches him on True Blood already knew that. (His character here is just about as pointless as Alcide is at times) but I have to bring attention to another one of the strippers; Tarzan, played by Kevin Nash. I don't know how many of my readers are wrestling fans, but if fucking Kevin Nash - a 7 foot tall beast started giving me a lap dance, I'd be fucking terrified. I grew up watching this guy jack knife powerbomb everybody. No thanks. Another thing that got on my nerves - the way the film was shot. There are so many scenes shot from far away with the actors out of focus. It was just strange.

Extreme Couponing - I use coupons, especially after having a child. Am I extreme? Hell no. Extreme couponing is practically hoarding. I don't see the point of having a "stock pile" of good take up half of my basement. Even if it was cheap. Although one episode I did watch had a lady that was donating all of it to a church soup kitchen, that was nice. More people like her, please.

My Strange Addiction - I'm really torn on how I feel about this show. On one hand, it's really interesting and I aplaud some of these people for coming out and saying they have a problem. Maybe it will help others. On the other hand, how are some of these people still alive? There were people drinking gasoline, eating toilet paper, eating couch coushins, drinking urine. How are they not suffereing any sever side effects from this? And why are they surprised when they learn something is bad for them? The girl drinking the gasoline acted like she had no idea it could harm her. Really? I hate to say it, but that had to be fake. In fact, I have to question the validity of TLC shows as a whole now after watching so much of this. Some of the people on this show weren't addicted to anything. They had strange life choices, that's all. The guy with the doll for a girlfriend? That's a choice. The girl who wears her furry costume out in public? Again. A choice. The dude dressing up as an adult baby? Also a choice. Is it fair to call these things addictions? They're probably more popular lifestyles then you think. Also I noticed that TLC reuses some of these people. They have a woman named Hattie who is in her late 70's that loves dating guys in their 20's. I saw her on two separate TLC shows. The girl addicted to tanning? She's been used before too.

I really put way too much thought into that..
All Dogs Go To Heaven - This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and I rewatched it with my child. All I can think of now when I see this is Judith Barsi. She voiced Anne Marie. Why do I think about her? Because her father murdered her and her mother (and then himself) when she was 10. This poor girl had such a bright future, and it was all taken away. That is beyond sad.

Sin City - This is one of my favorite movies and also one of the best DVD Combo packs I've ever purchased. It has each segment split up and extended if you chose to watch it that way. It also has a sped up reel of the entire movie shot against the green screen. That is pretty damn cool.

The Black Dahlia - When I saw this in theaters, I was initially annoyed because it wasn't really about The Black Dahlia. It was about two cops that were investigating a different crime and inadvertedly ended up investigating this one too. After I got over that it actually ended up being a pretty decent film with a noir vibe. Even if Aaron Eckhart, who is usually wonderful gives a pretty brutal performance.

Talladega Nights - I don't remember the uncut version being so damn long. They really edited that thing down for it's theatrical release.

Sherlock - The mini series, Benedict Cumberbatch is the man. That's all I have to say about this.


  1. Breaking Bad and Sin City are great! You must try Homeland and Elementary :)

  2. Sherlock is terrific, isn't it? :-)

  3. Can't wait for the new season of Sherlock! :)


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