DVD Review: Friends With Kids

The "unconventional story" with a very conventional ending.
Director/writer/star/frozen face Jennifer Westfedlt said that her film is an unconventional story, and on the outside, that's very true. Too bad it submits to over used cliches and the ending can be seen miles away.
Julie (Westfedlt) and her best friend Jason (Adam Scott) decide that they want kids, but they want to skip all of the relationship problems that can come with the stress of being a parent. So they have drunken sex, get pregnant, and share the duties 50/50. Their group of friends; sometimes bitchy Leslie, (Maya Rudolph) laid back Alex, (Chris O'Dowd) broken woman Missy, (Kristen Wiig) and douchebag Ben (John Hamm) don't think it will work. Once Julie and Jason start other relationships, their friends slowly begin to be proved right.
I can give credit where credit is due. This was a good idea for a story and it had a lot of nice touches here and there, but it is ruined by the ending. I'm guessing by the time you've gotten to this paragraph, you've probably already figured out the ending for yourself. It's a shame that this (mostly) talented cast is wasted on cliches. Adam Scott somewhat saves it. He's an intriguing guy to watch. (seriously, check out The Vicious Kind) Friends With Kids is not only predictable, but it takes far to long to confirm your suspicions. I was shocked that this film was only 107 minutes, it felt like it was way over two hours. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with this. I really wanted it to work.
Recommended: No
Grade: C
Memorable Quote: "What better woman could I have picked to be the mother of my child?" - Jason (Adam Scott)


  1. yeah...i was disappointed with this too. it marketed itself as different and it was anything but.


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