Making a Case For Pierce Gagnon

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Pierce Gagnon - Looper
Look at that face!

Stevee over at Cinematic Paradox is hosting her first ever blogathon and she's asking for everyone to make a case movies that probably won't get awards recognition. 

I could've made a case for The Dark Knight Rises being nominated for everything, but I'm still holding out on that. So I will be making my case for this young actor.

One of my favorite things about Looper was the surprise in the plot. The trailers didn't show Pierce's Cid. They didn't even show his mother. (played by Emily Blunt) Everything about this story was a pleasant surprise. This kid was five when he made Looper. FIVE! He managed to turn in one of the best child performances I've seen in a long time. A lot of times when a child actor is told to act sad or angdry, it feels forced. Not with him, everything felt so natural. He went from having a terrifying fit one second, to being a sweet innocent child the next.

Let's be honest, the only child actor that might come close to any awards consideration this year is little Quvenzhane Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild (she deserves it too, I might add) But how cool would it be if little Pierce got in on the Best Supporting Actor race? It would be awesome.

At the very least these two cute kids need to be presenters or something.


  1. Oh, superb choice. I was very impressed with his performance - during certain scenes this kid scared the hell out of me and in another I really felt for him and hoped he was going to be all right.

  2. I am always particularly impressed by outstanding performances from young children. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.

  3. Interesting choice. Can't say I agree on his performance, but it is impressive, given his age.

  4. He was great great great, considering how young he was. I'd love to see him get some sort of recognition!

  5. me too thought he was amazing so young and very talented too


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