Some fun Game of Thrones things to tide us over.

AKA I didn't get to see any new movies this week.

Since HBO feels like torturing us and making us wait a week for what is probably going to be the most explosive episode in GoT History, here's a collection of some fun GoT things I've found around the net. (Although it's actually a good move on HBO's part because they want ALL of their viewers for this episode)

via Cinematic Corner

via Raphmike
via Screamamyfire
via Red Riding Hoodie

via Stannis Baratheon

via Yuneun

via Sapphires of Tarth
via Darling Fetch Me My Battle Axe
via Unignorable

via Vorobey008
via Thrones Meme
via Brienne of Tarth and I'm Doing Stuff Lori Things for the Walking Dead picture

via Rocket Propelled Donkey
via Lady Tyrell

via Thrones Meme
via Highway to the 7 hells.
via Thrones Meme
via Juliable
via Aegon Targaryen

via Gameofhronesrj
via Thrones Meme
via Thrones Meme

via Eric Norseman


  1. AWESOME post! That Balon Greyjoy gif made me laugh so hard. Good point with Hodor too, what the hell we need more nudity from main guys!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh my gosh. That male frontal nudity bit made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my tea.

    Great post! I won't get to see this season of GoT until it comes out on DVD. Just as well, since I'm still finishing the series -- 40% through Dance w/ Dragons. I should compile a list of top moments to look forward to. #1 -- Richard Madden's ass. Actually that whole scene. I love the look on his face. #2 -- Jaime's ass ...

    1. Richard Madden's nudity was glorious. I just wish there was more of it!


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