Rambling TV 4/28-5/5 (The "Why isn't divorce legal in Westeros?" edition)

So this is how my week in TV went..

Game of Thrones
* This was kind of a slower episode compared to the last two that aired, but that's alright.

*Sam and Gilly kind of felt like a wasted scene until he pulled out the dragon glass. Hopefully that means he'll use it soon.

*Bran and company have yet another scene that doesn't move their story forward. When I was watching this, I asked aloud "Where the fuck is Rickon?" and then he appeared with his one line for the season! Splendid.

*We learn that Jojen sometimes has seizures when he gets visions. Which leads me to my next question: Why the fuck would anyone want to be a greenseer if that happens?

*The climb of The Wall was good. Ygritte had a gem of a line: "I'll cut your cock off and wear it around me neck." When Jon and Ygritte are hanging for their lives off of the wall, I seriously thought they might kill Ygritte there. I wouldn't put it past them. But they didn't, and the show ended with them making out on top of the world  like fucking champions.

*Jaime and Brienne met Lord Bolton for dinner. Jaime failed at dinner, but Brienne tried to help! This was a short scene, but it was also one of my favorites because that means next week we get the Bear and the Maiden Fair. Oh my God, I'm so excited!!

*Stannis' BFF Melisandre found the Brotherhood and seemed to be a little annoyed that Thoros is doing his job a little better than she is. Anyways, she pays them for Gendry, who is actually Robert Baratheon's bastard. This pisses both Gendry and Arya off for obvious reasons, and we get a lovely little scene where Melisandre ominously tells Arya they will meet again. I'm totally eating that line up here, because I'm hoping it's forshadowing something that will happen later in the books.

*I'm interested in where this storyline with Gendry will go. It's not in the books, but Gendry is one of my favorite minor characters and I love Joe Dempsie as an actor, so either way it's a win in my eyes.

*The best scene was with Tywin and Ollenna, who are both, as I have stated before, fucking bosses. Olenna called Loras a "sword swallower through and through."  That was even funnier than Arya saying "tits" earlier. Although, the thought of Cersei being too old to have children is kind of ridiculous. Especially when Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn, both obviously older than Cersei have children younger than Tommen. 

*Cersei and Tyrion pondered what they should do about their dad totally ruining their current sex lives, and Tyrion had to break the news to Sansa and Shae at the same time. I'm ok with the fact that they spared us from having to see Shae try to act, but I'm sure we'll get that scene too. Ugh.

*I love how Robb is forcing his Uncle to marry. I actually feel bad for Edmure. Robb's dick is the entire reason they are losing the war. I think if Edmure had any balls whatsoever, he'd kill Talisa and make Robb marry a Frey girl as promised. Actually, Catelyn should've done that already.

*Littlefinger always seems like he's over acting, but in this scene opposite Varys, they were both overacting. It was very theatrical, but it did lead us to a scene of Joffrey using Ros as target practice. So Littlefinger can just go to the king whenever he likes and ask him to kill a whore for him? Really?

*I laughed when the Boy blew the horn at Theon. Then I immediately hated myself because I NEVER laugh at anything "Boy" does in the book. Look, at first I was annoyed at the Theon scenes because in the book, you don't know about them until later on. But I've accepted them in the show. A lot of Theon's story is inner monologue, and showing us how it all happened is easier than having Theon somehow recap everything later on. That being said, I wish they'd get the point with identifying "Boy" so I can stop referring to him as "Boy."

Parks and Rec
*This is another show I really need to watch from the beginning. I caught the season finale on Thursday and laughed pretty hard at the "Step Up 2: The Streets" joke.

The Fades
*In my search to feed my current Joe Dempsie fix. I stumbled across this British show. It only ran for one season. Six episodes total, and from what I get from online, people were pretty pissed when it got cancelled. I'm getting the discs from Netflix, so I've only seen episodes 1-3 so far.

*The plot is very interesting, but I don't care for the scenes where our leads are at school. Maybe I'm just over watching movies about high schoolers and their silly problems.

*Daniel Kaluuya is hysterical. He's purely comic relief in this show, but he has so many nerdy movies references that I just fell in love with him. I notice he's in Kick Ass 2. I may watch that on DVD just for him.

*It's kind of funny that Natalie Dormer is listed second in the cast in this, yet she barely has any lines. Maybe that will pick up in the next few episodes.

Regular Show
*Seriously, what the fuck is going on with this cartoon? I should stop being surprised about shows I end up seeing on Adult Swim late at night. I could probably do an entire post on the random shit I've come across.

Big Bang Theory
*They've had 3 consecutive episodes for the past 3 weeks. That's amazing. This show is hands down the most inconsistent show I've ever seen.

*This week's episode was nowhere near as funny as last week's, but it brings up some things that I'm really starting to hate about BBT:

*They are making Penny dumber. This annoys me to no end. Yes, Penny has always been a bit of a ditz, and doesn't know a lot about science, but they are turning her into such a moron. She's also the only one on the show that doesn't succeed in anything. I suppose that could be realistic, we don't all succeed, but when all of Penny's friends excel at what they do, it would be nice to see Penny land a great acting job or something.

*I think they are foreshadowing Bernadette and Howard having a baby. Ugh.

*I'm starting to hate Raj. His character just gets more annoying in every episode.

*I should point out that I'm NOT a BBT hater. I love this show. I've watched it from the very beginning. It's because I love this show that I'm getting so annoyed with it at times.

Iron Chef America

*Is it wrong how much I love Alex Guarnashelli and Geoffrey Zakarian? I mean, even when they're cooking against each other they still hug and say "I love you" when they're done. So adorable.

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  1. I think it was Joff who approach LF. He probably told him he needs a girl and told him the girl probably won't be coming back, so LF provided him with the one he actually wanted dead.

    I kinda worry that since next episode is GRRM written, he may take that opportunity to show us what was hinted at - Theon losing little Theon :///

    Bran and Sam are both so useless, my God.

    1. Ohh I don't want to see that! The only times that I enjoy Bran's chapters are when he's reminiscing about his family. Otherwise they're extremely bland. Same with Sam's.


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