Rambling TV 5/6-5/12 (The "Incredulous Picard" Edition)

Most of this week was spent watching baseball for me, but here's what else happened.. 
Game of Thrones
* I find it a little funny that GRRM wrote this episode, The Bear and the Maiden Fair, and it probably strayed away from the book the most.
*Tormond finally made a dick joke. I was wondering when we were going to get that. Jon and Ygritte flirted, and Jon lets her know they won't win a fight against Castle Black.
*Stannis's BFF, Melisandre told Gendry that he's actually Robert Baratheon's bastard.  He had a look on his face that suggested he'd rather be back with Arya than near King's Landing. Then we cut to poor Arya who is still being sold out by the Brotherhood. She runs, and The Hound catches her.
*The Boy is still trolling Theon. In perfect GRRM fashion this scene involved naked chicks for no apparent reason. It's suggested that Theon is going to get his, ahem, little Theon removed. They hinted at this in the books too, but not as explicitly. I still wish I could stop referring to this guy as "The Boy."
*Bran and company are still doing jack shit.
*Boss Tywin had a scene with Joffrey that didn't end with Joff getting bitch slapped. I still enjoyed it, Charles Dance and Jack Gleeson play their characters so well.
*Sansa finally said aloud what everyone else is thinking, "I'm a stupid girl with stupid dreams" (or something like that, I can't remember the exact quote) Personally, I don't hate Sansa. I actually think her naivety is pretty accurate. As a one time teenage girl, teenage girls are stupid.
*Shae got mad at Tyrion for his marriage predicament and Bronn encouraged it. Poor Tyrion, like Margaery said, he's not the worst Lannister.
*Robb Stark was naked, and it was glorious. Could've used some full frontal though. (Yeah, I said it) People are going to pick his scene with Talisa a part for a couple of reasons. 1) Talisa writing another letter. Some people think that Talisa is actually a Lannister spy. Partly because Robb's wife in the books (Jeyne) was the daughter of a Lannister bannerman. Personally, I don't think she's a spy. It's a solid theory, but I really do think she's just a woman that fell in love with Robb. 2) Talisa being with child. There's a theory in the books, based off how Catelyn and Jaime describe her HIPS of all things, that Jeyne  is actually pregnant with Robb's heir and is in hiding. I couldn't care less about this theory. To me it means nothing. 3) ** is a massive Dance with Dragons spoiler so I will put it at the bottom of the page so no non-readers are spoiled.
*Dany met with the slavers of Yunaki, and still Drogon stole all of the dragon screen time. I know he's the biggest badass of the three, but Rhaegal and Viseron could use some love too!
*How beautiful did Emila Clarke look in that dress though? Stunning.
*Now let's talk about my favorite part of the episode: Jaime and Brienne! They had a really sweet moment before Jaime rides off and she calls him "Ser Jaime." Using his name, just as he asked in the bath house. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau really is one hell of an actor, because you could see the emotional struggles Jaime was having on his face. The show can't show us Jaime's inner monologue like the books can. But when he turns around and jumps in the bear pit after Brienne, it was perfect. I'm disappointed we didn't get the "I dreamed of you" line from Jaime to Brienne, but there's still hope for it in the next episode since they didn't really get a chance to talk .


True Blood
*True Blood is still my TV crack. There's been new promos on TV, and now I'm getting all giddy for it like I do every year. I really hope it isn't as terrible as it was last season.

*I hope they kill of Nora early on, I really dislike her character. Speaking of killing characters, True Blood could definitely lose a few to make the show more interesting.

*I hope the guy that Sookie is making out with in the trailer is short lived. I prefer her with Eric. Or Sam.

*Speaking of Eric, please give us more Eric/Pam scenes. I hated when they were fighting last year, they are the best when they are together.

*More Godric flashbacks would be nice too.

*Less story lines all around. This isn't Game of Thrones, you don't have THAT many interesting character that deserve their own story.

The Fades

*I finished watching the 6 episodes of this wonderful British show, and I'm really bummed they didn't shoot more.

*Joe Dempsie and Daniel Kaluuya really made this show for me. Great performances.

*I almost wonder if this would've did better if it had been on the SyFy channel, or any other American network. It's not that the Brits can't do science fiction. (They can, hello Doctor Who) I just think it would've gotten a bigger audience that way, and thus would've lead to more seasons.

*They wrapped up the first season well, but they did leave a whooping cliffhanger on what could've happened. Still, if you get the chance, check this out.

The Big Bang Theory

*Amy and Sheldon actually had a really tender moment where their D&D characters pretended to have sex. I thought it was perfect. Jim Parsons is really an incredible actor.

*Penny wasn't made to look like a total idiot this episode. I appreciated that.

*Raj and Lucy took their relationship to the next level. Hopefully that means he can talk to women without alcohol.

*Simon Helberg is really good at doing impressions. Loved his Nic Cage.

*Kristen Wiig hosting SNL was a total let down. Nothing was funny, the good majority of her old characters were never funny or got old quickly. Personally, I don't get all of the praise for her. Yes, she's funny, but she's no where near Tina Fey or Amy Poehlar.


The 3rd thing about Talisa being pregnant could lead to a change that I really don't hope they do. You see, in the books, Ramsay Bolton marries a girl posing as Arya Stark so that he can be the lord of Winterfell. Some people think that instead of casting the fake Arya, they will use Talisa since she is already established. I can totally see this happening, especially since Ramsay and fake Arya's scenes would be hella uncomfortable, but to me there's too many gaps in logic for this to work. 1) Talisa being married to Robb only matters when he's alive. When he's dead, she's just another girl again. Even if she was pregnant with his child, with Robb dead she really has nothing. 2) Secondly, in DWD Theon helps fake Arya because he knows her from growing up in Winterfell. Theon left before Robb met Talisa, therefore he would have no attachment to her whatsoever. 3) Last but not least, It's Jon Snow that sends a party to save "Arya." He obviously does this because he loves his sister, but he WOULDN'T do this for Robb's wife that he never met. I doubt he would risk his men." I know this is all purely speculation, but it's a route I really hope they don't go down.



  1. Yeah I hate that Talisa replaces Jeyne Poole thing. After all the crap that happens Robb's wife to be tortured by Ramsey? No. That's too much to take. Also in one promo you can see her on RW. Some of the people speculate that maybe she is a spy and she will take the role of that jester Cat kills. I hate that. I want to hear the bells!

    I was so disappointed with bear scene. Much too short and I wish Jaime actually fought it, like in the books, instead of them instantly firing arrows.

    1. They definitely could've taken 10 minutes away from Theon's scene and added it to the bear pit. I mean, all we REALLY needed from Theon was to see "Boy" coming at him with a knife. Those girls were pointless and seemed WAY too comfortable around "Boy" given his reputation.

  2. I actually like Sansa. As you said, teenage girls are just not all that savvy yet. I remember all too well. ;-) I think it's tricky because they had to age the teenage characters for the show. In the book, she's just 13, so we don't expect her to step up and act like a grown woman.

    1. I was still pretty stupid at age seventeen too, haha. I can see it. I hated Sansa in A Game of Thrones, but Clash of Kings really turned it around for her, I just feel bad for her now. Her chapters were some of the best ones in Feast for Crows.


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