Rambling TV 5/13-5/19 (The "I've had way too much wine to drink" edition)

Yes, I'm writing this under the influence. I mean, Tyrion was pretty drunk, so why not me too, right?

Game of Thrones
Well, that escalated quickly.

*This episode is the perfect example of the calm before the storm. Without spoiling anything, the last two episodes are going to make people flip shit.

*Arya and the Hound have a little bonding time. Arya actually smiled at the thought of being reunited with her family. That was sweet...to bad her other "could be" family isn't doing too hot...

*Poor Gendry thought he was going to get laid, and instead he got leached. (I'm torn between complaining about sex being unnecessary here or being content with naked Joe Dempsie) At least she didn't kill him. I actually really enjoyed the Davos/Stannis scenes this week. See, Davos' chapters were really hard for me to get into while reading the books. I honestly just kind of skimmed his until Blackwater happened. Davos has grown on me, needless to say, and Liam Cunningham and Stephan Dillane are pretty awesome in their roles. I'm interested in seeing what they do with Gendry. There's a lot of possibilities.

*Gendry could request to go back to the Brotherhood, after all, He thinks they still have Arya. He'd want to make sure she was safe, despite them giving him up. Or he could go to the free cities, like Edric Storm (the character Gendry is merged with in the book goes) Or he could stick with Stannis. I'm hoping they send him back to the Brotherhood, because he kind of needs to be at a certain place later on down the road.

*Dany met the Second Sons, some of the worst people in the Song of Ice and Fire world. Daarios isn't hot at all, that's a bit of a shame. It's even harder to justify him when Jorah is hotter. Just sayin'

*Tyrion and Sansa's wedding scene was actually a lot easier to watch than it was to read. I'm glad they cut of their "bedding" when they did. These were my favorite scenes of the episodes for so many reasons.

*Tyrion is wasted! Cersei is a bitch! Lady Ollena is telling it like it is! Joffrey is a prick! Tywin is a boss! Margaery is a schemer! Poor Loras is fucked!

*I'm actually glad Sansa bent down for Tyrion to put the cloak on her. In the books she didn't, and I was kind of like "C'mon, Sansa! It could be worse!"

*We finally got Sam the Slayer, even though it wasn't in front of the Nights Watch. His story is still very much "meh" to me.

The Big Bang Theory

*It's kind of funning. The guide said Penny was offered a job overseas, but really it was Leonard. Because God forbid something good happen to Penny.

*I am SO glad this "Raj can't talk to women" thing is finally over. That was never funny. I'm glad it's done. I'll drink to that.

*Leonard and Penny really did have a sweet moment in the car before they he left. Normally, I don't care for them as a couple, but they have great chemistry. I can't deny that.


*This episode was more depressing than it was funny.

*But God, that Bend it like Beckham joke in The Weekend Update was hilarious.

*The Stefon/Seth Meyers sketch was a perfect way for Bill Hader to go out. Same with Fred Armison's song at the end. It's a shame SNL is losing so many talented people at once. (This was Fred and Bill's last episode for sure. Seth Meyers is leaving sometime next year, as is Nasim Pedrad. Jason Sudeikis is rumored to be on his way out as well)

*Most of the cast members were crying at the end!

*I need to bitch about Kanye West for a minute. He's a good rapper, he is. His stuff is always different, and that's a good thing, but why is he making everything about race? How is our society every supposed to get over racism if it's continually brought up like this? I know I probably don't have a right to say that, and I'm just rambling here, but I don't think race matters. We're all human here, and it's a shame that our country used to be so prejudice. I wish we could all just put it behind us and enjoy each other.  I hope that didn't offend anyone. I don't mean too, I just think Kanye's ego is crazy.

Moonrise Kingdom

* I re-watched Moonrise Kingdom this week, which was such a sweet little film. I also found a pretty funny bitchfest on IMDb about how filming the two leads in their underwear was completely inappropriate and CLEARLY those kids are being taken advantage of.

Twins Baseball

*They've lost every game this week. I am sad.


  1. "*Tyrion is wasted! Cersei is a bitch! Lady Ollena is telling it like it is! Joffrey is a prick! Tywin is a boss! Margaery is a schemer! Poor Loras is fucked!"

    Yep! Cersei was on fire this episode. Leeches scene was pretty great I don't have the problem with the sex scene there as at least they tried to explain reasons for it :)


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