Indie Gems: Barefoot

What I find when I don't take IMDb seriously.

This is a remake of a German film, and until very a few weeks ago, despite it starring one of my favorite actresses, I had never heard of it. When I found it browsing through Netflix, I immediately threw it in my queue. Then I looked on IMDb, everyone's favorite movie website/cesspool of a forum to see what the general consensus was. It turns out a lot dismissed this movie as "just another film that lampoons mental illness." Well, it's not that...

Jay (Scott Speedman) is currently on probation working as a janitor in a mental health hospital. He comes from a very wealthy family, and the first time we meet him, we see him trying to recruit a date to his brother's wedding, and failing miserably. Enter Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood) a newly admitted patient who's mother raised her in nearly total isolation. She's extremely naive, and decides to follow Jay out of the hospital. He lets her tag along. JK Simmons co-stars as a doctor at said hospital.

This isn't the best movie out there, but I think it's definitely worth the watch for any Evan Rachel Wood fan. She's never really played a character quite like Daisy. She's very childlike, and even when Evan Rachel Wood was a child actor, her characters still felt more grown up than Daisy. The film doesn't tear apart mental illness either. I'd elaborate more on that, but it would be a pretty big spoiler for the 3rd act.

Barefoot is a breezy little film with a good heart and a great performance from it's leading lady.

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "They hurt my feet...." - Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood)


  1. "This isn't the best movie out there, but I think it's definitely worth the watch for any Evan Rachel Wood fan".
    Everything about this. ^^^^^^^^^^

    1. It's true! She makes just about everything better.

  2. I'll definitely see this because of Evan as I really like her work though I wonder what the hell was she thinking when she was with that drugged-out has-been in Marilyn Manson.

  3. I'm more interested in the German version, but I love Evan Rachel Wood, so I might give this a look eventually.

    1. I wouldn't mind finding the German version as well.


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