Rambling TV: True Blood recap + thoughts on Fargo.

I miss Game of Thrones

I don't even want to include True Blood gifs in my post this week. I'm too annoyed.

We open with a wet dream Jason is having about Eric. He drank his blood last season, and we all know what that means. As much as I love watching two hot guys like Kwanten and Skarsgard make out, this dream went on way too long and gave off the impression that they're trying to cram as much sex as possible into this final season.

At the church, Sookie mentions they should try to identify the dead girl she saw in the woods last night to see where she's from. Maybe that's where the vamps came from. I love how no one is phased by the fact that Sookie just left some dead random in the woods.

Lettie Mae visits Layafette looking for V so she can see Tara again. Lala shuts that shit down, so later in the episode, Lettie purposely burns herself so Willa will give her blood. She then sees Tara up on a cross, speaking in tongues. This story has "Ifrit" written all over it.

Asshole Vince rallies people at Bellefluer's to fight. He tells everyone Sam's a shifter. Hoyt's stupid mother opens her mouth. I hope someone kills her. Adilynn overhears one of them talking about getting guns from the police station, so they go to warn Kenya, the only officer that's left in town. When the mob shows up "we came here for the guns, as they are our 2nd amendment right" she tells them to cut the NRA Hillbilly bullshit. At that moment, I love Kenya, then they convince her to join them and she locks Adilynn up after she accidentally zaps her with her Faery powers. That was short lived. Jessica senses Adilynn's fear but can't do shit because it's in the afternoon. (She tries calling the station, and Sookie, but doesn't try to call Jason. That makes sense)

Arlene and Holly are just are still in Fangtasia's basement. They realize they know one of the vampires there as their kids 4th grade teacher. They plan on using her to escape. At least Carrie Preston is showing why she's an Emmy winner here. She had great lines and showed a lot of range. 

Sookie, Andy, Sam, Jason, and Alicide go to Saint Alice, the town that the dead girl is from, and find out everyone else there is dead. Sookie reads the woman's diary and finds out she also fell in love with a vampire. She flashes back to her first date with Bill, and I flash back to season 1 when this show was actually good.

This is me trying to like this show.

Back at Fangtasia, the vampires are taking 15 minute naps for some reason. None of them have the bleeds even though they are awake during the day. Teacher Betty takes this opportunity to free Arlene's group. (I bet everyone else in that basement who doesn't know Arlene and Holly are pissed.) Betty drinks from Arlene because she's weak, but she dies and melts in between Arlene's legs, providing us the most disgusting visual I've seen since Jon Snow put a sword through the back of someone's head.

Andy finds Jess in the attic, she warns him about Adilynn.

Sookie sneaks away from Alcide to go find Bill and ask if he can still feel her. She walks out in the middle of the night, alone again. FFS, Sookie. If I were her, I wouldn't run to Bill, I'd call Eric, the 1000 old vampire who's blood she's had more recently and is way stronger (and hotter) than Bill. But, speaking of which..

Pam finds Eric in France. "unfucking believable" she mutters. Then she sees him....he has Hep V.

Because of course he does. All I wanted from this season was the show to end with Sookie and Eric together, and unless they magically find a cure, this scene just confirmed that will not happen. Thanks a lot, True Blood. I guess I'm stick with this being the Bill and Sookie show. UGGGHHHHH

Thoughts on Fargo:

I'm really glad I waited to watch this series all at once, because nothing happened in a few of those episodes, and I think it would've been pretty disappointing. I had a few issues here and there, but overall, it was very enjoyable. 

I'm in love with Alison Tolman now. She was perfect in this, and her and Colin Hanks were so adorable.

I've also never wanted to punch Martin Freeman and Bob Odenkirk so hard. 

Key and Peele showed up for awhile. That was awesome.

Billy Bob Thorton was a straight up creep. It was nice to see Oliver Platt too, even if his story felt a little pointless in the end. (Unless this series continues and they plan on answering more questions about it then)

The accents are awful and over the top (Seriously, very few people actually sound like that up here) but you kind of get used to them.


  1. Sweet Christ with D&D shitting ferociously on ASOIAF and this - what happened with HBO? Also I'm among the disturbed - young obviously good looking guys being naked don't make me forget the show is shit while there is pointless exposition, naked Stannis would achieve that, but HBO doesn't seem to realize ladies want to hit that and I'm doomed with nothing to distract me:)

    I tumblered that melting thing - ewwww

    1. :( I hope one day we get naked Stannis. They've gotta find a way to make it serve the story.

      I feel like TB is so pervy in it's own right that HBO kind of leaves it alone. They really are just trying to cram a bunch of sexy time in.

  2. Wait a minute... they had Jason and Eric and having sex with each other? Why couldn't they had done this years ago? Fuck you Alan Ball.

    1. lol. Yes, they had a sex wet dream. Gotta get that visual before the show finishes!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I don't want Bill and Sookie to end up together. He was a very insignificant character to her story after he betrayed her in the book, and I feel like the only reason he's still important is because Paquin and Moyer are married. I would prefer Eric or Sam for Sookie.

  4. I don't even watch True Blood but I love to read your rants haha!
    Agree with you about Fargo too, I loved it but those accents drive you mad. I'm hoping it was more of homage to the original film more than anything :)
    - Allie

    1. It did tie into the first film nicely. Thanks for reading my rants! lol

  5. Oh my goodness, I share your pain. I hate hate this show. Everyone on the show is so stupid. In fact I think everyone in the limits of Bon Temps has an IQ of about 50. The writers have to be some of the worst in Hollywood.


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