Rambling TV: True Blood episode 6.3: You're No Good

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We start our episode with Eric still glamouring the governor's daughter in her bedroom. She is going to die, but first, she's going to tell him everything. She mentions "experiments." Somehow, the governor's guards knew he was up there, but arrived too late. Later, they're back at Fangtasia with Tara and Pam, who are not happy at all that Eric has brought her there. Basically, they've built a concentration camp for vampires. They pack their shit and head over to Ginger's to spend the night. The good thing about these scenes were that we got some humor/banter from Eric and Pam, and you can't go wrong with those two.
At said concentration camp, Reverand Newlin has been taken there, and he finds out his wife Sarah, who we haven't seen since season 2 is working with them. She says "If you really want to do God's work, you have to be in politics." That made me laugh.
Bill thinks he can walk in the daylight because of his vision with Lillith. Too bad he burns when he stays out in the sun. (Apparently those windows are pretty damn strong too, because otherwise you'd think Jessica would've burned a little.) This brings me to a slight complaint I have. True Blood needs to be more consistant on what happens when vampires "meet the son." In season 1/3/4, whenever Vampires were in the light, they smoldered. In season 2, Godric burned up in blue flames, now this season, Bill actually ignites. Make up your fucking minds! The smoldering effect looks the best, they should stick with it.
New girl that I couldn't give a fuck about has helped Sam and Lafayette back into Sam's house after the beating they took from the weres. Lafayette says he's going to help Sam. (Complete with awesome one liners) Later, new girl and her friends go to visit the pack to see if they can help, of course the pack rips her douchey friends apart. Unfortunately she's still alive, and Sam goes to help her. Ugh. Have Sam help Sookie or something, quit with these new characters.
Niall and Ben occupied a lot of screen time this episode. Turns out Warlow attacked the fairy hide out. Ben comes back to Sookie's house with Niall to protect her.  Before Ben and Niall arrive, Bill pays Sookie a visit. (After sending Jessica after a professor that apparently synthesized the blood that eventually became Tru Blood. "College Jessica" is beyond annoying. I hated when she had her little frat parties last season. Hopefully this doesn't last) Bill wants to synthesize Sookie's blood, and she's not having it. Bill is able to enter Sookie's house without an invitation, and he uses his new telekinesis to prevent Jason from helping Sookie. She doesn't want to give Bill her blood, Bill says she's dead to him. He leaves. Afterwards, Jason is worse for wear.
Earlier in the episode we got a few cute scenes with Andy and Holly, now as Bill is walking home, Andy pulls him over to reluctantly advise him about the curfew. While they're talking, Bill smells fae on one of Andy's daughter's toys in the front seat. Uh Oh. 
I thought True Blood was going to be focusing more on Bon Temps and our already existing characters? The new ones dominated the screen in this one as well. While the episode had a lot of interesting developments, it certainly wasn't the best I've ever seen. I'm still holding out. I think this season has potential to have some really interesting things happen, but they need to get rid of the unimportant characters (New girl I don't give a fuck about, Ben, Alicide and his pack.)


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