Rambling TV True Blood episode 6.7: In The Evening

Plus a few things we learned from The Newsroom episode 2.3: Willie Pete
there is no reason for this gif other than the fact that Stannis is the man.

True Blood started off with Eric escaping the vamp camp with Nora, and telling Willa to warn Pam about the Hep-V tainted Tru Blood. Pam tells Willa to only tell Tara and Jessica, if all of the vampires refuse the Tru Blood, they'll know something is up.
Eric brings Nora to Bill's house, and sincerely asks Bill to heal her since he's "God" now. I felt really bad for Eric here, Alexander Skarsgard was killing it. Bill confides in Eric that he's been using Warlow's blood to walk in the sun. He tells him about his vision of the white room, and that they need Warlow's blood to help stop it.
Cut to Warlow and Sookie lying naked in Faery graveyard land. Warlow thinks that because Sookie slept with him that she accepted his marriage proposal. Sookie's like "LOL This is 2013 I can fuck whenever I want and that doesn't mean I'm marrying you!" Okay, she didn't exactly say that, but it's what she meant. Sookie senses Arlene crying in the cemetery and goes to comfort her about Terry. This was probably my favorite scene in this episode. Carrie Preston was the MVP of this episode. She made me nearly cry and one point and laugh out loud later. Arlene tells Sookie how Terry died, and how she got a glimpse of what life would be like without Terry's problems, then it was taken away. It was heartbreaking.
Sookie takes Arlene back to the Belflour household so she can break the news to her kids. Arlene is angry and yells at Lafayette about what's in Terry's security box. Later they find out it's a huge life insurance policy taken out 3 days prior.
necrophilia is illegal.
Sarah Newlin finds the governor's head in his backyard, and has a super creepy moment where she kisses him and swears his death will not be in vain. She calls the senator and advises him that the public cannot know about his death. They will get rid of his body Breaking Bad style and say he is in hiding. I cannot wait until someone totally fucks up Sarah's little plan. Her character is deliciously evil.
Lafayette called Sam to tell him about Terry, so he's on his way to Bon Temps. He and Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About have goodbye shower sex, and her mother comes to pick her up. Just when I think this pointless storyline is going to be over.....
Alcide's stupid pack intercepts them and confronts Alcide when he lies about it. Oh my God, GO AWAY WEREWOLVES! There were so many pointless Alcide filler moments in this episode. Everything else was perfect except for them! Alcide is sexy, I get it, but he shouldn't be on the main cast. They should've left him as an occasionally re-occurring character. His storylines are never interesting unless they directly involve Sookie or Eric. Plus they're dragging poor Sam down with them.
Bill shows up at the Belflour household in the day time and everyone is obviously shocked. Arlene, who's had a lot to drink at this point was like "I'm wasted...oh shit....this shit's real, idn't it?" I loved that. Bill also apologized to Andy for Jessica killing 3/4 of his children. As if that is supposed to be enough. Bill could've at least said he would see that Jessica is punished for it. Bill takes Sookie outside and tells her that he needs Warlow to save Eric, Pam, Tara, Jessica, and the rest of the vampires. He says if she doesn't get him, the blood of her friends will also be on her hands. Good, get rid of Warlow and go back to fucking Eric.
Speaking of Jessica, Jason managed to get her alone in a conference room to help set her free. He just wants to do her right. Instead, Jessica gets Jason to go grab James (The vampire from her copulation test last episode) so she can fuck a vampire before she dies. Jessica, that was a shitty thing to do to Jason. Even though I hated the Jessica/Jason relationship, that was all very shady. Sarah finds Jason, tells him the governor is dead, cuts him, and promptly throws him into gen pop. Tara tries to protect him, but the old Vampire we saw a few episodes back claims him as hers.
We also had a hysterical scene with Pam teasing her psychiatrist with her insatiable sexual appetite. Pam is the best, seriously.
why does Bill have this old school nightie in his house?
The episode ended with Eric and Nora. Taking Bill's blood didn't heal her, and we got a flashback about how Nora was made. I was disappointed that there was no Godric in it. Nora tells Eric that he still has Pam and Willa to walk beside him in this world, and that she had lived fully, like he promised her. Then the Hep V ran it's course, and Nora died in a steaming, bloody mess in Eric's arms. As he was crying, he turns to look at the doorway where Bill is standing. I'm glad Nora is gone, I seriously hated her character, but I felt terrible for Eric.  Ladies and Gentleman, Eric Northman is going to be really, fucking pissed when we see him again. Hopefully this means he kicks a few asses while he's at it.
The Newsroom
Here are a few things I learned from this episode of The Newsroom:
1) I still don't want Will and Mac to ever get back together. They are better without the romance.
2) Malaria medicine sounds really fucked up.
3) Aaron Sorkin writes great dialogue, but he doesn't really write great female characters. He should take a lesson from Jason Reitman. His female characters always stand out in my mind.
4) Last week's episode was probably one of the best of the entire series, this week's felt slow and boring.
5) I don't really care about Reese.
6) OF COURSE someone would be live tweeting about a town getting dosed with White Phosphorus.
7) Everyone on the Romney bus is still an asshole, including Meryl Streep's smug daughter. Jim, get back to the newsroom.
8) Booking agents beat their wives.
9) Nina Howard.....wow.
10) Sloan and Don are a little closer to fucking. 


  1. Terry was so nice, it's sad. But I'm rather curious about what happened to him. I'm SO glad how Bill is turning out. "Vampire Bill", I laugh at that every time. I never thought I'd say this, but Jess is getting on my nerves!

    I never cared much for Nora either, she was quite annoying. But it was a very emotional scene, SkarsgÄrd was awesome.

    Alcide's pack is stupid, I think so too. And Warlow is even more boring now that he's involved with Sookie. I get that he's a piece of the puzzle, but he really could use a better storyline.

    1. I haven't really liked Bill since season 1, but I was definitely rooting for him when he tore the Governor's head off. Jessica has been getting on my nerves for the past few seasons as well. I still have a hunch that she's going to die this season. Warlow is insanely boring. My friend and I argue over who is better for Sookie, Warlow or Eric. (Eric x 1000000000)


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