Rambling TV: True Blood episode 6.4 - At Last

We start the episode with Sookie and Ben trying to help Jason, who passed out at the end of the last episode. As she runs into another room to call 911, Ben whips out his fangs and gives him his blood. That's right, Ben is a fae/vampire hybrid, and it's very obvious at this point that he is Warlow. I always kind of wondered what would happen if a vampire turned someone with fae blood. Well, apparently we now have our answer.

Sam, Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About, and Emma (who really should be in wolf form from now on so I don't have to hear that kid try to deliver lines) have escaped the wolves and made it to a waiting car driven by Lafayette. Lala thinks they should ditch the girl, but Sam needs a new girlfriend this season, but of course, Sam keeps her around and sends Lafayette off. There was not enough Lafayette in this episode at all. Later on, they kiss in a motel room. Sam gets his heart broken too much. Give this guy a break.

There was some stupid filler with Alcide and his pack. Seriously, that's exactly what happened.

Poor Ginger gets sent to vampire camp since the LAVFT showed up and the vampires weren't there. We also saw Nora getting captured by them after a brief conversation with Niall at the beginning of he episode.

Eric and Pam finally catch up with Tara. When Tara won't tell them where she hid Willa, Eric forces it out of her, Pam is not pleased. I'm really annoyed with how they are having Pam and Eric treat each other this season. The Pam/Eric dynamic was one of the best things about this show, and we got a little hint of it in last week's episode. Not in this one. After Eric takes off, and Tara walks away, Pam is captured by the LAVFT. Someone on EW mentioned that they think Pam is going to die at the camps, and Eric is going to feel bad about it because of their fights. Please don't let that happen! I know we're losing a major character this season, and it better not be fucking Pam. I still think it's Jessica.

Andy's stupid fairy children keep bringing up the Patrick story line that should've just died last season. They age again into stupid teenagers, and take Andy's car for a joy ride. They to go the gas station from the pilot episode, and the same clerk refuses to sell them booze. I loved that scene, it was cool of them to use the same person. I also miss how awesome the first season of True Blood was. Jessica shows up to buy their liquor, she talks the girls into coming to her house, where Bill sweet talks a few of them out of their blood to give to the scientist he has locked up in his basement trying to synthesize it. He's having a hard time since the blood keeps changing. Meanwhile, upstairs, Jess loses her cool and drinks from all of the girls. We don't know if they're dead or not. scene ended with her crying and apologizing to Bill for drinking from them, right as Andy shows up at their front door looking for his kids, once Jason tells him that Vampires can smell Fae.

Eric's ultimate revenge against the governor is to turn his daughter into a vampire. I'm torn on this. On one hand, that's a very clever plan, but on the other, Eric has only turned Pam in his 1000 years. That's supposed to be special! Now he's got another progeny. Willa goes home to show her father that even though she's a vampire, she is still the same. Her dad is sleeping with Sarah Newlin, who is present when Willa returns. He looks like he's buying it, but then baby vamp Willa loses her cool when she smells her father's bloody hand, and tries to attack. Sarah intervenes, and now Willa is off to camp. You would think Eric would've commanded her ahead of time not to freak out and try to drink blood in front of him?

Jason has a wet dream about Ben due to the vampire blood, and he and Sookie separately put two and two together to figure out Ben is Warlow. Jason and Niall attempt to kill him, but Warlow zaps Niall with his fairy light, and glamours Jason into thinking he wasn't there. We see that Warlow can't drink blood, he spits it out as he's drinking from Niall. Later, he sends Niall back into the abyss that Claudine sent him 20 years ago.

Sookie is making a home cooked meal laced with silver, when it has no affect on him, she goes with plan B - making out with him on her coach, and telling him to "get the fuck off me or die, Warlow." As she has her fairy light above him. She really just should've zapped his ass right there without saying anything. Since they kind of need Warlow to destroy Billith, I don't see Sookie killing him in the next episode, no matter how much I want it.

The next episode is called "Fuck The Pain Away" which I'm guessing is directed more towards Sam and Girl I Don't Give a Fuck About. I was hoping for a random Eric and Sookie fuck. I can dream, right?


  1. I seriously laughed for 5 minutes when Grandpa fae and Jason armed with shogun hid in the bushes and talked about killing Warlow. WITH A SHOTGUN.I mean....oh my God!

    Also Ben leaving 4 fairies with Jessica who is like 4 years old in vampire years? Wow. Who could have thought it will go wrong?

    I really liked the ending, Sookie finally used her brain and that happens only once in a loooong while.

    1. I'm definitely all for Sookie being more empowered, because she was seriously starting to get into Bella Swan territory there for awhile, and that's not cool. I thought Eric sending Willa to her father without teaching her proper control over her new feelings was kind of off. Unless Eric wanted Willa to get sent to camp so he can find out where it is. Then that is clever.

  2. GAW I can't take this show anymore. I loved it.. LOVED it till last season. I am hoping this season makes me love them again.

    Angela's Anxious Life

    1. I'm with you! I think this season is better than last so far, but I'm still hoping it regains the feel it had in seasons 1-3.


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