Rambling TV: True Blood ep 6.5 - Fuck The Pain Away/The Newsroom ep 2.1 First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers

I truly believe that God wants me to fuck you.
We pick up right where we left off last week with Sookie aiming her vampire killing light right at Warlow. He says he means her no harm, he loves her, and he's wondered through life for years thinking only of her. So she drop the bomb: "Why did you kill my parents."
Of course after the opening credits we cut to a totally different scene, Jessica still freaking out about killing Andy's fairy children. There's also a little problem with her being high/horny as fuck.
Back to Sookie and Warlow, he tells her that the night her parent's died, they were trying to kill her. Immediately I'm a little confused by this revelation as I'm fairly sure Sookie mentioned being at home with her Grandma and Jason when her parents died. Maybe they'll elaborate. She zaps him, Bill feels it, and shows up to Sookie's house to take Warlow. He drops an "as your maker, I command you." and Warlow has to go with him.
Tara tells Eric the vampire cops got Pam, so his plan was for them to surrender. I love how Eric didn't put another shirt on, or button up the one he was wearing. He should be shirtless all of the time. Or they should put him back in those sexy tight black tank tops he wore in the earlier seasons.
The Governor is on his way to the camp as well, to take Willa there. Sarah Newlin tells him they should get married and have babies. He's upset she even suggested it. As he's walking away, Sarah screams "When a woman shows up in black lingerie you unwrap her!"
Bill took Warlow back to his underground research lab and was taking Warlow's blood. He commanded him not to escape or try to kill him, and he explains how he drank Lillith's blood so he is part of her and has her memories. We then flash back to 3500BC when Warlow is in a small village. He leaves to get water in broad day light, but when we arrives at the river, it's pitch black. That's where Lillith sees him, and I shit you know, casually walks up to him, rips his loin cloth off and fucks him right where he stands. Then she scratches him, smells his blood, and proceeds to turn him. Later, Warlow is trying to threatening to kill the professor that Bill locks up. He tells Bill Lillith turned him into something he hates. It's because of her that he massacred his entire village (except for young Niall)
Now we get to my favorite part of this episode - Sarah is sitting outside of Jason's house. She tells him that she failed him, she's never felt holier than when she is with him, and she tells him "I think God wants me to fuck you." Cut to Jason and Sarah having wildly rough sex. "How's God feeling now?" "Righteous!" Oh my God, I laughed so far.
Here's a quick filler wrap up. Andy had gone to Bill's house earlier to find his dead daughters, but one of them was still breathing. He takes her back to his station and has her drink some vampire blood he had in the world's shittiest evidence room. Later, Holly talks Andy out of going back to Bill's to confront him and Jessica, because he's weaker and he'll lose. Common sense! Alcide and his dad argue in a bar. Sam and Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About wake up in the hotel, she tries to call someone, Sam stops her. Alcide's dad happens to be staying at the same hotel and sees all of this happen. Terry is still talking about his marine buddies, because this stupid storyline will not fucking die, and he wants one of his former friends to kill him. The friend agrees. Honestly, I love Terry, but I'm so fucking sick of this storyline that I would welcome it if they killed him.
Jessica shows up at Jason's freaking out. She thinks Bill might be the devil and she is having sinful thoughts. She asks Jason if he ever loved her, which he says yes. She asks what he loved about her, and as he's talking Sarah walks out of the bedroom. "I didn't know you had a vampire girlfriend." Jessica is pissed. She threatens Sarah and starts molesting her (when she should be killing her) Sarah rescinds the invitation to Jason's house, and the vampire police are out front waiting for her. Sarah called them. She then tells Jason that her body is a temple and he's defiled it with his vampire loving pecker. God, her lines were great this episode.
We go back to the vampire camp and we see Eric going through a test, and Pam is speaking with a psychiatrist. She's not having it at first, but when she's offered a human doner over watered down Tru Blood, she spills the beans. She tells him everything about vampire nests and their makers, etc. Then she says that while she was angry at her maker for releasing her, she's over it, because that's what vampires do. Immediately I knew that was a huge mistake for her to say that. I'm a little weary about these camp scenes. They are starting to remind me of the AVL scenes from last season, and that was boring as hell.
We cut to a quick scene of Jessica and Tara in the generate population at the
camp. I'm kind of surprised Jessica didn't start dry humping someone, she's still high on fairy blood. No sign of Nora. She was captured, but we have yet to see her.
Later, The Governor and Sarah go to a viewing room where Steve Newlin and some of the doctors are waiting. "Oh, your gay ex." The Governor casually says to Sarah. She's getting real tired of this shit. Eric is behind the glass, he and the Governor exchange a few fuck you's. You can tell Eric is shocked that The Governor actually brought Willa here. Eric tells him to give him something to kill, and out comes...Pam! No! I will seriously freak the fuck out if Pam or Eric dies. I hope at the last minute they throw Nora in there too, and Eric chooses to kill her over Pam, and they will be spared? Is that stretching it a bit?
Sookie visits Lafayette at work, and he remarks "Now what is you doin’ here at your place of work because I know it ain’t work." HA! Sookie never works anymore. I miss the Merlotte's scenes. I hope we get more of them as the season goes on. Anyways, Sookie wants Lafayette's help because he's a medium. He calls the spirits of her parents, and her dad posses him quite like so many others did in season 4/5. Great acting by Nelson Ellis here. He's really underrated, he's always top notch and the Emmys have never recognized him. Somehow Lafayette/Sookie's Dad ties her up and throws her in the trunk of his car. Why didn't she zap him with her fairy light? Who the fuck knows. He takes her to the river and tries to drown her.
This episode felt like it was full of continuity errors to me, but it was still a good one. (Seriously, who wrote the vampire bible anyways? How did the Authority get her blood if Warlow fried her alone?) Rumor has it that "the big death" is supposed to happen in the next episode. It Pam dies, yet Tara lives, I don't know what I'll do.
What happened to Maggie?
gif via starbuckara
The Newsroom started up last night. And they changed their awful intro into something a little less awful.
If you recall, Will McAvoy called the Tea Party the 'American Taliban' at the end of a newscast last season. That didn't go over well, and while season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off, it's doing so in a series of flashbacks.
Will is speaking to ACN's lawyer, who's trying to get answers out of him on why News Night aired a story on operation Genoa. Apparently, they had to retract it. They don't give us a lot of info so far, but Maggie walks in with the worst hair cut ever, and when the lawyer inquired about what happened to her, and throws a picture on the table of what she looked like 23 months ago. Will said she chased a story to Uganda and things got real, and she came back very messed up. That's instantly intriguing to me. One of my favorite parts of The Newsroom is Maggie and Jim's relationship, even though Maggie is a complete spaz.
 Will is being pulled off of the 9/11 anniversary coverage, much to his (and MacKenzie's) dislike.
Neal pitches an idea about covering Occupy Wall Street, which is in it's early stages. MacKenzie declines his pitch, but encourages him to go to their meeting anyways. Of course he gets a coffee with a hipster looking girl that was leading the meeting, who tells him they don't want the media to cover them yet or else they'll get it all wrong.
Maggie approaches Jim in the office and asks if they can go back to how they used to be. Jim points out that it's only awkward because she wants it to be, and she is still staff, and this conversation is highly inappropriate. THANK YOU, JIM! One of the things that drove me nuts about this show, was the way Maggie acted at the office. It was unprofessional, and I'm glad Jim pointed that out. Sloan makes a quip later in the show about no HR department ever handling this office. That's the truth. Jim wants to get away from having to see Maggie and Don's relationship blossom, so he offers to go out on the road to cover the Romney campaign as the ACN staffer doing it before broke his foot.
Later, we get a scene with Sloan apologizing to Don for asking him why he never dated her. She thought it was her last day, and it sounded like a good line. He forgives her, and goes on his way back to Maggie because he's at nearly two weeks of being a good boyfriend. Too bad when he arrives home, he's packing a bag while Maggie is sleeping. She wakes up, and he shows her a youtube video of her rant at the Sex in the City tour bus last season. He knows she was talking about Jim. Don is obviously annoyed that he felt guilty for not loving her, when she really was in love with Jim. Maggie offers to leave, but Don does first. I guess Jim didn't have to go cover the Romney campaign after all.
 A man named Jerry Dantana from Washington, DC is going to cover for Jim while he's away. Will isn't too fond of him. After a heated debate live on the air, Will throws to commercial 41 seconds early. We cut back to MacKenzie talking with the lawyers, listing a chain of events that had they not happened, they wouldn't be here right now.
Cut to Will and Maggie sitting out in the hallway.
The Newsroom is a little awkward for me to recap it the way I do the other shows. Maybe it's because while I enjoy it, I'm not as passionate about it as I am other shows? I know this was more a summary than a recap, but I'll try to get more detailed as the episodes go on. I wasn't expecting this to be so awkward to write.


  1. Haha, yeah Terry's storyline has been on the show since forever and it's realy so dull...I'd hate for him to die though, poor Arlene would be alone again.

    I just hope Ben or some other moron in love with Sookie won't appear next episode right behind Lafayette and shoot him in order to save her or some other bullshit like that :/ I hope Jess goes since they ruined her character.

    1. I like Terry, and I would feel bad for Arlene, but I just can't forgive that stupid Ifrit story. What a waste of time. If Lafayette dies, I'll cry.


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