Indie Gems: Shotgun Stories

Worst. Dad. Ever.

Shotgun Stories starts with a set of brother; Son Hayes, (Michael Shannon) Boy Hayes (Douglas Ligon) and Kid Hayes. (Barlow Jacobs) Yes, those are seriously their names. Obviously a lot of love going on from their parents. Anyways, their father ran out on them when they were kids, got remarried, became a born again Christian and led a seemingly pretty normal life with his replacement wife and kids. Then he dies, Son makes an impromptu speech at his funeral saying what a shitty man their father was. This pisses off their half brothers, and suddenly a "war" is started between these two families that share the same name.

With a title like "Shotgun Stories" one would expect a big shoot out between these brothers, right? Wrong. That's one of the things I love about this film. In the hands of anyone else, this would just be another southern revenge movie. Jeff Nichols makes it a little more intimate. We can see the pain across Son Hayes' face as he tries to do his best to protect his brothers, like he always has. And how angry he gets when someone threatens them.

I'm glad this was on Netflix Instant. After seeing the wonderful Mud this year, and loving Take Shelter two years ago, I can't wait to see what Jeff Nichols does next. Whatever that is, I hope he casts Michael Shannon again.

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "He's already been shot protecting us before." - Boy Hayes (Douglas Ligon)


  1. I've heard great things about this and have wanted to check it out. I'm still late to the Mud party too. Great write up. You have me anxious to get my hands on this.

    1. Yeah! I think you'll like it. definitely check out both of those.

  2. This sounds intriguing! Great post.

  3. Ugh. I need to watch this already. Glad you liked it!


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