Emmy Nominees I'm hoping for.

There's plenty of actors on plenty of shows that deserve to be nominated for an Emmy award. These are just a few standouts I've noticed on my favorite shows. I also tried to pick the episode I thought they were the best in. You may wonder why I'm leaving certain people out (Say Charles Dance or Jack Gleeson for Game of Thrones for example) that's because they were not submitted for consideration. Though they should've been. Emmy nominees are announced on July 15th

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Bobby Canavale - Boardwalk Empire episode 3.5: You'd Be Surprised
Bobby Canavale's baddie Gyp Rosetti was the best part of Boardwalk Empire's 3rd season. We've already seen Rosetti do some messed up things at this point. But when he's in the middle a little erotic asphyxiation, someone shoots up his house, and kills plenty of his men. He takes a long walk down the hallway, naked, and covered in blood. His face in this scene is terrifying.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Michael Shannon - Boardwalk Empire episode 3.8: The Pony
Nelson Van Alden is a character with a short temper. We know this. But when he finally loses his shit on his colleagues, and puts a hot iron to the face of one of them, we know he means business. Shannon was barely used this past season, but this scene almost makes up for it. 

Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series - Lennie James - The Walking Dead episode 3.12: Clear

I know, The Walking Dead isn't really a show that comes to mind when you think about Emmys. (Unless we're talking make up) But let's look at guest actor Lennie James. We haven't seen his character, Morgan, since season one. When Rick and co come across him again, he's very different. He's terrified, paranoid, and so, so sad. His speech he gives Rick about how the weak people are the ones that survive was heart breaking. All I could think of the entire time was "Damn, this guy is a good actor."

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Game of Thrones episode 3.5 Kissed By Fire

Kissed By Fire is my new favorite episode of Game of Thrones, and a big part of it had to do with Jaime's scene with Brienne in the baths at Harranhal. When he explains why he really killed King Aerys, you can just see how emotional this makes him. He was doing what he truly thought was right, yet he was breaking the vows he swore. When he asks Brienne to call him "Jaime" instead of "Kingslayer" we know he's had enough.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - Michelle Fairley - Game of Thrones episode 3.9: The Rains of Castamere
Although Richard Madden may have stolen some of her thunder (he wasn't submitted for whatever reason) The Red Wedding was really about Catelyn's feelings. Fairley did a great job of showing just how broken Cat is. In her last moment, when she slits the throat of an innocent, she knows what's coming. Her husband is dead. Her son just got murdered before her eyes. She belives her other children (except Sansa) to be dead as well. She really has lost everything.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad episode 5.5: Dead Freight
Watching this episode of Breaking Bad literally made me nervous. I was on the edge of my seat, I'm sure my heart was beating fast. God, I get way too into this show. Anyways. Once Jesse thinks they've pull off this elaborate scheme without any casualties, only to see an innocent boy murdered just for seeing them, he just loses it. That last shot of him screaming "NO!" then absorbing what happens is powerful. Paul is one hell of an actor. I did have a hard time choosing between this and the dinner scene with Walt and Skylar. That was fucking hilarious, but I went with this one because of how the episode as a whole made me feel.

Best Actor in a Drama Series - Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad episode 5.7: Say My Name (hard to pick)
To be honest, it's hard to narrow down which episode I think Bryan Cranston is the best in, because he kills every one. I think Bryan Cranston as Walter White will go down in history as one of the best performances in TV history. In this episode, it's just more proof that. There's a scene in episode 1 or 2 where he's kissing Skylar's arm as he lies next to her in bed. Just the way he was talking to her was creepy as hell. Walt has officially gone too far.

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones episode 3.8 Second Sons or episode 3.19 Mhysa

I'm really torn between these two episodes. Dinklage was easily the star of Second Sons, but his meeting with the Small Council in Mhysa was a hell of a scene as well.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Anna Gunn - Breaking Bad episode 5.4: Fifty-One

I should point out that I HATE Skylar's character. I've hated her ever since season 3 when she decided to get into "money laundering." But this season was the first time I legitimately felt bad for her. Everything really does come crashing down, and you can tell how uncomfortable she is around Walt. Skylar's changed this season. You didn't see her losing her shit on Marie before.


  1. Funny. Every episode the wife and I think "maybe this is the episode Skylar dies a horrific death."

    1. Same here :) Yet most people would say we are terrible and obviously sexist for hating Skyler :P

      Awesome list here, Fairley needs to win otherwise I'm gonna throw something at TV set while watching the ceremony.

    2. I hate when people call it sexist. I legitimately feel bad for disliking Skylar so much, because I hated the wife on Rescue Me too, but her character has some seriously shitty motives. She was fine until season 3.

    3. My husband and I think that too.

  2. you are a HUGE game of thrones fan, lol! it's not for me but i am righthere with you on breaking bad

    1. With Nikolaj's bare ass...it's for EVERYONE :P

    2. YES! Nikolaj's ass is like Denmark's national treasure. I didn't think GoT would be for me at first either, but it's awesome. Even if you're not typically into fantasy.

  3. Love seeing The Walking Dead on here! I'm sorta in the minority of thinking this is one of the best shows on tv, and one slice of evidence is Lennie James. :)

    1. I love The Walking Dead, it was just a "fun" show to watch at first, but some of the characters are getting really rich.


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