2019 Golden Globe Winners

Well that was....something. Tonight brought many surprises and most of them awful. I went 7/25 with my picks this year which is probably a career low at this point.

I was actually looking forward to Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg hosting but they were not funny and they were constantly overshadowed by jokes the presenters were making. Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler together were hilarious. Emma Stone shouting "I'M SORRY!" after someone made an Aloha joke was golden. Harrison Ford's grumpy ass mentioning following Jeff Bridges was great. The biggest laugh I got from the hosts was when they introduced "Chris Pine and his busted face"

There was fun red carpet drama though. When an interviewer asked Chrissy Metz if she knew Alison Brie in an attempt to toss a segment, when the camera went on Alison, Chrissy said "she's a bitch" into her live mic. She's currently denying the drama on Twitter. 

I've had a lot of wine, I'm rambling. Here are a list of the winners + my thoughts!

Best Picture — Drama
Black Panther
Bohemian Rhapsody
If Beale Street Could Talk
A Star Is Born
As soon as ASIB started losing the acting awards, I knew it wasn't winning this, but I did not expect them to award fucking Bohemian Rhapsody. Bryan Singer is an accused pedophile, why is everyone that is voting forgetting that? Black Panther and BlackKklansman are far better choices. 

Best Picture — Comedy or Musical
Crazy Rich Asians
The Favourite
Green Book
Mary Poppins Returns
This also shocked me considering Vice and The Favourite are so good. Green Book is like child's play compared to them (And Crazy Rich Asians)  There is nothing Green Book does that comes to nearly the same level as Vice and The Favorite. Nothing.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Drama
Bradley Cooper - A Star is Born
Willem Defoe - At Eternity’s Gate
Lucas Hedges - Boy Erased
Rami Malek - Bohemian Rhapsody
John David Washington- BlacKkKlansman
I really thought Bradley had this in the bag. I wish they would've shown his reaction. I wonder if he busts out the beard after this? I like Rami, I think he was good in Bohemian Rhapsody I'm not as mad about his win, I just feel nothing. Please let Bale beat him for the rest of the season.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture — Drama
Glenn Close - The Wife
Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born
Nicole Kidman - Destroyer
Melissa McCarthy - Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Rosamund Pike - A Private War
This was another massive surprise. Glenn Close looked shocked which was cute, and her speech was more lively and entertaining then the entirety of The Wife, but I'm not here for career awards. We did this last year. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy
Christian Bale - Vice
Lin Manuel Miranda - Mary Poppins Returns
Viggo Mortensen - Green Book
Robert Redford - The Old Man and The Gun
John C. Reilly - Stan and Ollie
Who will and should win: Christian Bale
Christian Bale thanked Satan for inspiration in his speech which was easily one of my favorites of the night. I'm fairy sure he was drunk.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy
Emily Blunt -Mary Poppins Returns
Olivia Coleman - The Favourite
Elsie Fisher - Eighth Grade
Charlize Theron - Tully
Constance Wu - Crazy Rich Asians
Yaaaassss Olivia Coleman! And she thanked "my bitches" during her speech. She looks like she's having the time of her life and I hope she takes this all the way to the Oscars. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role 
Mahershala Ali - Green Book
Timothée Chalamet - Beautiful Boy
Adam Driver - BlacKkKlansman
Richard E. Grant - Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Sam Rockwell - Vice
I thought Timothee would win this, but it makes sense that the HFPA would give this to Ali when they didn't award him for Moonlight. I should've predicted that. 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 
Amy Adams - Vice
Claire Foy - First Man
Regina King - If Beale Street Could Talk
Emma Stone - The Favourite
Rachel Weisz - The Favourite
My theater really needs to get Beale Street. 

Best Director — Motion Picture
Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born
Alfonso Cuarón - Roma
Peter Farrelly - Green Book
Spike Lee - BlacKkKlansman
Adam McKay - Vice
Roma was so boring, Lee or McKay should've won this. Mostly Lee. 

Best Screenplay — Motion Picture
Alfonso Cuaron - Roma
Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara - The Favourite
Barry Jenkins - If Beale Street Could Talk
Adam McKay - Vice
Peter Farrelly - Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie, Green Book
I think this might be the biggest joke of the night. Green Book gets by on it's actors. It's screenplay, direction, everything else is so by the books and basic. Vice and The Favourite both have brilliant screenplays, and I cannot believe one of them didn't take this home. 

Best Motion Picture — Animated
Incredibles 2
Isle of Dogs
Ralph Breaks the Internet
Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse
SO deserving. Everything about this film is stunning. 

Best Picture — Foreign Language
Capernaum (Lebanon)
Girl (Belgium)
Never Look Away (Germany)
Roma (Mexico)
Shoplifters (Japan)
At least I guessed this one right. Roma is the only one I've seen.

Best Original Score — Motion Picture
Marco Beltrami - A Quiet Place
Alexandre Desplat - Isle of Dogs
Ludwig Göransson - Black Panther
Justin Hurwitz - First Man
Marc Shaiman - Mary Poppins Returns
I guessed Desplat but I really wanted Goransson to win this. First Man had great sound editing and mixing but the score wasn't very memorable to me personally. It's Black Panther's I've been listening to all year. 

Best Original Song — Motion Picture
“All the Stars” - Black Panther
“Girl in the Movies” - Dumplin’
“Requiem for a Private War” - A Private War
“Revelation” - Boy Erased
“Shallow” - A Star is Born
Everyone saw this coming and Lady Gaga is going to win the Oscar too. I low key want All The Stars to win, but Shallow is such a good song that I'm never mad about it winning anything.

Best Television Series — Best Television Series — Drama
The Americans 
Killing Eve 
A nice send off to The Americans, which I will eventually watch after hearing all the praise. 

Best Television Series — Musical or Comedy
The Good Place 
The Kominsky Method 
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 
I learned this show is on Netflix but I still have no fucking clue what it's about. I thought the HFPA would match the Emmy's love for Barry. Nope.

Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
The Alienist
The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Escape at Dannemora
Sharp Objects
A Very English Scandal
Sharp Objects losing this is criminal. While the first episode of Versace was perfection, the rest of the episodes, though acted well were a fucking continuity mess. I preferred SO and The Alienist overall. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Drama
Jason Bateman - Ozark
Stephan James - Homecoming
Richard Madden  - Bodyguard
Billy Porter  - Pose
Matthew Rhys  - The Americans
Richard Madden is hot and has scruff. I approve. 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series — Drama
Caitriona Balfe - Outlander
Elisabeth Moss - The Handmaid’s Tale
Sandra Oh - Killing Eve
Julia Roberts - Homecoming
Keri Russell - The Americans
This surprised me because I thought she wouldn't get it because she was hosting. But guessing wrong was in style for me this year. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Musical or Comedy
Sascha Baron Cohen -  This is America
Jim Carrey - Kidding
Michael Douglas - The Kominsky Method
Donald Glover - Atlanta
Bill Hader - Barry

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series — Musical or Comedy
Kristen Bell - The Good Place
Candice Bergen - Murphy Brown
Alison Brie - Glow
Rachel Broshnahan - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Debra Messing - Will & Grace
I really liked how she mentioned the Globes put Maisel on the map for everyone by it winning last year because that's true. I didn't think she'd repeat but it's nice she did. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television
Antonio Banderas - Genius: Picasso
Daniel Bruhl - The Alieniest
Darren Criss - The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Benedict Cumberbatch - Patrick Melrose
Hugh Grant - A Very English Scandal
I'm pretty sure Amber Heard's drunk ass called him "Daniel Criss" when she announced his name but I'm glad he's got another trophy to add to his collection. He was amazing. 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television
Amy Adams - Sharp Objects
Patricia Arquette - Escape at Dannemora
Connie Britton - Dirty John
Laura Dern - The Tale
Regina King - Seven Seconds
This was some ol' bullshit. I accept nothing less than Amy Adams winning AND Arquette talked forever in her speech. That was like rubbing salt in the wound. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television
Alan Arkin - The Kominsky Method
Kieran Culkin - Succession
Edgar Ramirez - The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Ben Whishaw - A Very English Scandal
Henry Winkler - Barry
Ben Wishaw has creeped me out ever since I saw him in Perfume and that feeling still has not gone away. 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television
Alex Borstein - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Patricia Clarkson - Sharp Objects
Penelope Cruz - The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Thandie Newton - Westworld
Yvonne Strahovski - The Handmaid’s Tale
At least Sharp Objects won something. I'm happy for Clarkson. This was a tough category with Newton and Strahovski in it. 


  1. When I saw that Green Book won Best Screenplay and then Best Comedy/Musical, I was like... OH FUCK YOU! I would have that same reaction towards Glenn Close as I think what she's doing is just vanity just so she can get that Oscar she's been craving for when we all know there's been so many better performances. When Bohemian Rhapsody won.... I was like.... OH MOTHERFUCK YOU!!!!

    I wasn't entirely surprised by these wins as it's why I never take the Golden Globes seriously. They play it too safe and that's not fun.

    I'm glad Christian Bale, Regina King, Alfonso Cuaron, Olivia Colman, and Lady Gaga won something. I just wanted more variety and more danger.

    As for the best dressed, that goes to Saoirse Ronan.... WOW!!!!!!!

    1. Saoirse looked lovely and I loved her emerald earrings. My favorite dress was Camilla Belle's. It was stunning.

      I really hope my theater gets Beale Street soon. I want to see it before the Oscars. And hopefully not in a Slumdog Millionaire situation where I don't get to see it until literally the day before. lol

    2. Same here along with The Favourite which also isn't playing at my local multiplex. I have no interest in Green Book. Looks like Driving Miss Daisy 2018.

  2. Yup, some crazy wins here. Although I loved Green Book, it did not deserve to win...for anything, really, except Viggo (not a fan of Mahersala Ali). Also, I'm surprised BR won Best Picture, considering the backlash online, but I guess HFPA only looked at Box Office numbers. That being said, I don't think this will influence the other awards so much....maybe in some categories, but Best Picture will definitely not go to BR on Oscar night!

    1. If HFPA was looking at Box Office, Black Panther should've won. They must all be blind Queen fans lol.

      I didn't hate Green Book either, but over Vice and The Favourite is laughable. Both of those films had air tight scripts which Green Book lacked.

  3. Those Golden Globe winners all deserve it, I've also been in a lot of video games and TV shows over the years by the way. I'm cool with my new movie being the 14th one in your My Must See 2019 Films list too.

  4. Bloody hell Green Book got a lot of love! I actually passed up an early screening of that and maybe I missed out on something?? I think it's out properly in the UK in a few weeks so I can see what the big deal is.

    1. It's so basic, I'm shocked it's winning anything lol

  5. We couldn't be happier with the Golden Globe Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won. ❤️

  6. Oh yes...the Golden Globes...I thought Taraji P. Henson`s globes were going to fall out of her dress. I am glad Ali won even though i have not seen anything but was gob smacked that Lady Ga Ga didn`t win or Cooper. I am also surprised by Bohemian Rhapsody but I didn`t know that about the director. I looked him up and now i just am sitting here in disbelief considering how all wore black last year in silent protest. Even if Bale was drunk, his speech was, by far, the best and so honest. I love Carol Burnett and thought her speach was great but why is it not called the Lucille Ball award. Lucy not only was funny as hell but she and Desi revolutionized the way tv was filmed and they started Desilu productions. When Desi bowed out she ran the studio and gave the green light for Star trek to continue...many TV shows owe them being around due to her and Desi. One day I will see some of these tv shows....I do look at the outfits and thought Octavia Spencer was fabulous. I love Lady Ga Ga`s necklace and the colour of her gown and hair but that gown was so long she thought she was in training for being lady diana walking down the church aisle. Amber Heard looked horrendous in her 80`s prom outfit but the WTF moment always belongs to Janelle Monai and Timothy Chalamet with his sequined zip liner holster. he needs to gain a little weight. Hubba Hubba for Viggo though

    1. You bring up a good point about Lucy, I think on name recognition she's more popular, but Burnett is still alive, so maybe that's it?

      Viggo was looking good!

      Timothee was...interesting. lol

  7. Can't wait to see your How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World review

  8. I was kind of surprised by the lack of chemistry between Sandra and Andy. Some of the jokes were funny, but most were just plain awkward. Christian, Olivia, and Jim Carrey were the best parts of the night for me. Amy was really robbed for Sharp Objects. I don't know what it's going to take for her to win. She deserves it more than Leo at this point. I really didn't think Green Book would win over The Favorite, or A Star Is Born would only walk away with Best Song. I'd honestly love it if Emily won for Mary Poppins. She's just my personal favorite. But if I had to choose someone to win, even if I don't like career awards, Glenn (or Olivia) is okay because Gaga still has a long way to go improving her acting. This was probably one of the most surprising Golden Globes in a long time.

    1. I haven't seen Mary Poppins yet. Olivia needs to win over Gaga. Honestly, I wouldn't even nominate Gaga for ASIB. There were better performances and her strength is in her singing.

      I was surprised by the lack of chemistry too.


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