My Top 10 Films of 2018 (+10 worst)

Here it is! My annual Top 10 list + bottom 10 because we had that many disappointments this year. I watched 179 films in 2018, a good chunk of them 2018 releases. There are a few 2018 films I wish I could've seen before making this list, such as If Beale Street Could Talk and Vox Lux, but my theater hasn't gotten them and unless one of them ends up a Best Picture nominee in February, I probably will have to wait until DVD. 

Below are my 10 favorite films of the year, a few that just missed, plus some honorable mentions. Then of course we bring it home with the 10 worst films I saw, plus some random winners just for fun.

Top 10 Films of 2018

"We're here to fight, and if you stand in our way, we'll fight you too."

"Wakanda Forever!"

"I want to understand it."

"Imagine that."

"All power to all the people."

"Hot damn."

"I hope your month is full of successful days and ventures."

"The difference between me and you is I ain't no killer."


"Anyone can wear the mask."

Just missed

Honorable Mentions: Unsane, The Hate U Give, Crazy Rich Asians, Hereditary,  Leave No Trace, Nancy, Private Life, Dumplin' The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Bottom 10
And here are the 10 worst films I subjected myself to this year. 

1) Peter Rabbit - Oh, the life of a parent.
2) Mute - This one pisses me off the most because I was really looking forward to it. 
3) A Wrinkle in Time - What a let down.
4) Woody Woodpecker - I cannot believe I let my six year old talk me into watching this with him ON THE SAME DAY WE SAW PETER RABBIT! Fuck me. 
5) Sicario: Day of the Soldado - This did not need a sequel.
6) The Seagull - Waste of a great cast.
7) Hold The Dark - Ditto.
8) A Futile and Stupid Gesture - This movie was so boring and unfunny that I can't even remember the specific details of it.
9) The Wife  - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
10) Summer of 84 - This felt like a bait and switch.

Random winners

Best Cinematic Example of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" - Kayla throwing a banana at her father in Eighth Grade

Cleganebowl GET HYPE Award for - you guessed it - maximum hype - Thor arrives in Wakanda in Avengers Infinity War

Star Trek Into Darkness Award for "Fuck you, I loved this!" - Sorry To Bother You in all its "wtf" glory. 

Martha Award for Best Unintentional Laugh - "I just want to take another look at you." - A Star Is Born

10/10 Would Bang Award for Hottest Performance in a Film -
Chris Evans and his beard - Infinity War
Chris Hemsworth - Infinity War/Bad Times at the El Royale
Idris Elba - Infinity War (Idris is so hot even 1 minute of screen time counts)
Winston Duke as Mmmmmmm'Baku - Black Panther
John Chu as a hot and concerned dad - Searching
Steven Yeun - Sorry to Bother You

"I know a guy" Breakout Side Character Award -Piek Lin (Awkwafina) - Crazy Rich Asians

"You didn't see that coming?" Award for the film that surprised me the most - Searching and Dumplin'

Lars Von Trier Award for "This Scene is Going on Way too Long" - Turning down the house - Roma. 

Best Female Performances
Olivia Coleman - The Favourite
Carey Mulligan - Wildlife
Elsie Fisher - Eighth Grade
Emma Stone - The Favourite
Toni Collette - Hereditary
Thomasin Mackenzie - Leave No Trace
Cynthia Ervio - Bad Times At The El Royale
Viola Davis - Widows
Elizabeth Debicki - Widows
Danai Gurira - Black Panther/Infinity War

Best Male Performances
Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born
John Cho - Searching
Adam Driver - BlackKklansman
Lakeith Stanfield - Sorry To Bother You
Ben Foster - Leave No Trace
Ed Oxenbould - Wildlife
Daveed Diggs - Blindspotting
Christian Bale - Vice
Nicholas Hoult - The Favourite
John David Washington - BlackKklansman

Here's to many good films in 2019 my friends!


  1. Where is Aquaboo? not even in hot category? Come on! When I finish Mad Men I'll check out Wildlife :)

  2. Greeeeat post and our lists have a few in common. You did sting me with have "Sicario" in the bottom 10. *sniff sniff

    Of course you know we both love Wildlife. Where the crap is the awards attention for it??? Even a mention would be nice!!!

    1. Soldado made me so ragey lol.

      They need to throw us Wildlife fans a bone.

  3. I like this list. I so wanted to watch Wildlife and I'm not sure if it came into my multiplex. If it didn't, then BOO!!!! I'm waiting for The Favourite to be at my multiplex as I'm also hoping to see Searching, Blindspotting, and Sorry to Bother You.

    1. I hope you love all of those films you're waiting for.

  4. The ending in Avengers: Infinity War was terrible

  5. I haven't seen a lot of your top 10, but some of them I'm excited to watch.

    Awkwafina was the best thing about Crazy Rich Asians.

    1. She was so great. I really want to watch that again.

  6. I knew what I was going to comment with and then your last gif just melted my brain haha!
    As criminal as it is that I haven't seen Wildlife yet I STILL haven't seen Widows either!

    1. I'm not surprised you haven't seen Wildlife since IFC gave it such a shitty release schedule. I hope you get to see that and Widows soon.

  7. That gif sidetracked me a bit :)) hot damn, those abs are unreal!
    Love the random winners, agreed on 10/10 :) also, I'm glad you put Cyntia Ervio on your Best Actress list, she is great!

  8. I'm sorry, I was going to write something eloquent but your final meme of Chris Hemsworth made my tongue wag and all brain cells go down to the gutter:) I still have to see Black Panther plus some others here. Going back up a bit to drool


    I at the very least liked every film in your top ten (except Spiderverse, which I haven't seen), so this made me very happy.

    WINSTON. DUKE. "Mmmmmmm'Baku" is RIGHT. WOOF.

    1. RIGHT?! He read a tweet for Buzzfeed while on the Infinity War press tour that was like "M'Baku can blow my M'Back out if he wanted to" Best tweet.

  10. Nice list! I still have so many movies to watch. Looks like an awesome year for you! Obviously love "Chris Evans and his beard - Infinity War" Yaaasssss!!!!!


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