Indie Gem: I Think We're Alone Now

Is it just us?

After an unknown event causes the majority of the population to suddenly drop dead, Del (Peter Dinklage) is the only one left in his small town. He has a routine. He buries the bodies, cleans out the houses, and keeps up the local library where he worked. When he suddenly comes across Grace (Elle Fanning) she challenges his nature to keep to himself.

I really liked the simplicity of this. Another movie may have tried to examine what happened to everyone, but Del pointedly asks at one point "does it matter?" In the scheme of things now, no. No it doesn't. I was content watching the quietness of what Del had going on and his interactions with Grace were interesting. They couldn't be more different people, but their relationship is not handled in that over the top/total opposites way.

Dinklage and Fanning are both fantastic in it. Each of them is heartbreaking in their own different ways and amusing in others. They make a good team. 

There is one issue I take with this movie, and it's what they introduce in the 3rd act. There's something there that in my opinion deserved more elaboration and ambiguity didn't really work in its case. They only needed a few extra lines of dialogue too, but they choose to let you come to your own conclusions. It's fine, I suppose, but I was left with a lot of questions even though the watch in general was quite enjoyable.

Grade: B-

Watched on: Netflix DVD

Memorable Quote: "Batteries are the most important thing the dead can leave behind." - Del (Peter Dinklage)


  1. Ooh, this hasn't been on my radar but now it is. I like these dystopian thingies.

    1. This one is nice, especially for Dinklage and Fanning.

  2. Anything else you wanna add to your 'My Must See 2019 Films' list?

  3. I had thoughts about seeing it because of Dinklage and Fanning as well as the minimalist premise. I hope to check it out soon.

  4. Peter Dinklage nails it in everything

  5. Ooh this is a new one to me. Curiosity always gets the better of me, I need to know what happens in that 3rd act! I guess this'll be on my watch list now :)

  6. i heard about this and the premise sounds interesting but wondering when I will see it

    1. If you've got Netflix's DVD plan, it's there assuming it's the same for Canada as it is the US.


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