Review: Titane

When Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) was a child, she was badly injured in a car accident and as a result, has a titanium plate screwed into her head. Now in her 30's, she's developed an erotic fixation on cars and metal. A series of events brings her to Vincent (Vincent Lindon) a firefighter who lost his son decades earlier.

Titane is a movie that's carried a LOT of hype since winning at Cannes. At its most basic, it's been described as "the movie where a girl has sex with a car." But Titane is a lot more than that. Or at least it wants to be.

I, like many others loved director Julia Ducournau's last feature, Raw. And her jarring body horror is back and dialed up to eleven. I haven't squirmed this much in a while. You're either going to find a lot of this incredibly sexy or you're going to recoil. It's brave filmmaking. I'm just not sure if all of it works together. The first half and second half are wildly different, even though they are tied together as best as they can be. It's almost like watching two different movies. One that swings for the fences, and the other trying to be a more quiet look at found families. 

Agathe Rousselle should really be nominated for Best Actress for this movie. I can see why she isn't, this movie is hella weird, but she's spectacular and I honestly cannot think of another actress that could've remotely pulled this off. 

So is this for you? Come on, you know your curiosity is getting the better of you. It might not have been all for me, but I definitely won't be forgetting it anytime soon. It's currently available on Hulu for your viewing pleasure. 

Grade: B


  1. This film is fucking insane. I am still shocked that it played at my local multiplex as I think I was one of the few people who was at that screening and ended up staying all the way through. I loved it. It is fucking shocking though I think shocking is an understatement. I now await for what Julia Ducournau will do next.

    1. Yeah she really went there with his. I'm impressed lol

  2. I'm not sure Julia Ducournau's movies, or body horror genre for that matter, is for me. Haven't seen Raw nor this one though maybe if I'm feeling bold enough I might give it a shot since it's free on Hulu, not sure if I'll be able to finish it though, ahah.

    1. I'd start with Raw over this one lol. This one is very out there.


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