Velcro the Ninja Kat Presents: Kip

Every now and then I’m fortunate enough to review a fellow movie bloggers’ work. I’ve done so in the past with Alex and Ruth. Now Chris’ collection of shorts is getting a new re-release on DVD

What I liked the most about this collection is seeing how Chris has progressed as a filmmaker. The earliest short was filmed in 2012, with the newest being in 2018. They're not connected in one linear story. And because there's such a stark difference in content, I didn't want to give them specific letter grades. Instead, here are my quick reviews of each one. 

Kip - This revenge tale comes from Chris' comic series Velcro: The Ninja Cat. I can appreciate the creepy masks used in this one. It's very short and to the point and left me interested in what could come next. 

The Red Scarf - This anime-inspired short is about a young girl who keeps dreaming of a man in a red scarf who tries to hurt her. She's desperate to understand these dreams. I liked the story here. I'm a frequent dreamer, so I can relate to wondering how your mind takes you to certain places. The actors in this are very, very green. Watching this compared to his later shorts is where you really see a director finding his own footing. Plus, bonus points for the LG slider phone that makes an appearance. Ah, nostalgia. 

Dream Girl - This one was right up my alley. Quiet and introspective about a relationship that didn't quite work. It's easily the most mature of the collection. The score was lovely. 

Sianostra - This one was funny. I immediately fell in love with Kayla Badia. She's so pure as Sianostra, a person from another planet who shows up when Noah really needs another person to connect with. Something like this could really easily fall into manic pixie dream girl territory, but it never does. Sianostra was my favorite of the bunch. It's lighthearted and cute. 

The final short isn't a feature, but a book trailer for his series, Velcro: The Ninja Cat.

So is this for you? If you like supporting your fellow bloggers in their film endeavors, then yes, it is! Thank you, Chris, for sending these my way. Click any of the links above to show him some love. 


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