Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Workplace Romance

It's the last romantic theme over at Wandering Through the Shelves and we're ending on Workplace Romances. I tried to go a little bit outside the box for this theme and picked more untraditional "romances" so here's what I came up with.

*EDIT* My dumb ass forgot it was a TV week so I guess you get bonus movie picks as well.

1) Agents of SHIELD - Fitz and Simmons are the perfect couple and this show honestly through so much bullshit at them for the ~drama~ of it. Let them be the happy science nerds, you monsters!

2) Better Call Saul -
I wasn't sure how I'd handle someone as slippery as Saul in a romance, but his relationship with fellow lawyer Kim has been interesting, and honestly kind of scary because Kim wasn't around in Breaking Bad so you know something terrible is probably going to happen.

3) The Newsroom -
Sorkin has issues writing women, and Maggie is a good example of that. yet, I really rooted for Maggie and Jim and I'm happy they finally got together.

Movie Picks: 

1) Waiting... -
If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you must see this comedy. It's hilarious and irreverent and there are several work place romances, and former romances, and wannabe romances here. It also has a joke that my husband and I still quote to this day. A man tries to order his wife a water then says "Hell, it's our anniversary, get her a diet Pepsi."

2) Little Shop of Horrors -
Seymour spends most of the movie pining over his colleague, Audrey, but we're counting it this week.

3) Secretary -
Yes, I had to go with the BDSM workplace route. I've been thinking about this movie quite a bit after watching Maggie Gyllenhaal's directorial debut The Lost Daughter. I need to watch this again.


  1. I’ve seen Little Shop but thought that was a movie. It’s a good choice and I enjoyed the movie especially Steve Martin. I have not seen the other 2 but the first one sounds funny.

    1. It is! I forgot it was a TV week so I had to make an edit lol

  2. I haven't seen any of your TV picks though I've heard of all three and would have watched The Newsroom had I had whatever service (I can't remember now) it played on.

    Again with the movies I've only seen Little Shop but have seen pieces of the other two. With Secretary the premise didn't do much for me and I'm not much of a Maggie Gyllenhaal fan so I never went out of my way. As far as Waiting the part I saw struck me as dumb and I turned it off.

    This version of Little Shop of Horrors wasn't bad but I preferred the 60's version even if it was produced on a shoestring, though I love neither.

    I'm sure there are many that I've watched but the only one that fits that popped into my head is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I loved how the show took its time developing the romance between Jake and Amy in a very natural way.

    On a completely unrelated sidenote, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for this month's Blind Spot. Did I miss it? Loved your choice last month and am anxious to see which you caught up with this time out. :-)

    1. The Newsroom was on HBO so if you have HBO Max you could still check it out! I've heard wonderful things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I need to start that.
      My Blind Spot is scheduled to post on Saturday! Thank you for wanting to read those. :)

  3. OH! Secretary! That film is a classic as is Little Shop of Horrors though I don't want to see Scar-Jo 3:16 as Audrey. I want to see her as the sadomasochistic patient just so she can annoy the fuck out of Chris Evans.

    1. I can't really picture her as Audrey. I'm curious if she tries to do the high pitch voice or puts her own spin on it.

  4. If you haven't seen it before, I highly recommend the show Burn Notice. Not only is it a fantastic show in and of itself, the romance between two of the main characters is not something that makes the show jump the shark.

    I agree with you on Sorkin's inability to write women. Sports Night was clear evidence of that.

    1. I attempted to watch Burn Notice but I can't stand Jeffrey Donovan. I think with another actor I could've faired better with that show.

  5. YES YES YES for FitzSimmons and a Newsroom mention. I was totally rooting for Maggie and Jim as well, but I was surprised by how much I took to Don and Sloan. Don, in general, grew to be one of my favorite characters and he was such a dick.

    1. Same, I think Thomas Sadoski is just one of those actors who can have chemistry with anyone, so he really made them work. He grew on me too.

  6. I do like Jim and Maggie, they're cute together.

  7. Oh, I love that you would have picked Little Shop of Horrors. That's such a great film.


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