What I Watched on TV in January

I felt like I watched a TON of TV in January but really I just binged watched a lot of episodes at once. Only two of the shows I'm talking about I watched week to week. So here are some quick thoughts on the small screen. 

The Book of Boba Fett -
I've been listening to the opening theme on repeat all month. I really like the show. I think it does a good job of balancing legacy Star Wars with new and interesting things. They got *very* Mandalorian there for a minute, but I'm into it
. Who knew Boba was such an animarl lover.

The Landscapers -
Olivia Colman is just a treasure. This is a murder mystery disguised as an art house flick. It's a short four episodes on HBO Max. I didn't love it, but I appreciated how they tried to make it different.

Station Eleven -
  *spoilers* Even though I loved the book, I really lost interest in the show as it kept going. The final episode is entirely different than the source novel. Honestly, I wanted to fast forward to the part where Kirsten and Jeevan finally get their closure, because even though that wasn't in the book, it was the best thing the show expanded on. 

Euphoria -
The first three episodes of season 2 were great but episode 4 was kind of a dud. Except for Cassie. We love a messy bitch, and Sydney Sweeney is killing it this season.

Servant -
This has got to be one of the most annoying shows in existence and I can't stop watching. I only got Apple TV back for a month so I could watch The Tragedy of Macbeth, so I won't see the entire season through, but I'm sure fuck all will happen anyways, and only one tiny piece of the puzzle will be revealed. 

Peacemaker -
This show is hilarious. I was always bored of John Cena as a wrestler but he's really found his footing in R rated comedy. 


  1. Of all of these I would like to see The Peacemaker. It looks hilarious. By the way, you inspired me...:)

    1. It is so funny. Incredibly dumb, but it's very self aware.

  2. I do like The Book of Boba Fett although I'm kind of feeling like he's being pushed by the wayside in the last 2 episodes though I'm happy to see the Mandalorian, Asohka, Luke, and Grogu. I hope they all show up to help Boba. They fucking better not kill off Jennifer Beals.

    1. I hope she's not dead either! I know a lot of people think Boba is boring, I didn't, so it's a little weird to see him pushed aside like this.

  3. I hope to start the Star Wars shows eventually, but all of the internet hype is kinda of zapping my attention. I hope the Obi-Wan one will be worth the wait.

    Good thing to know that they've changed a lot for Station Eleven. It's one of my favorite books and was just about to start watching it.

    I really tried to get into Europhia but it's just too much for me. The cast is great from what I saw though.

    Definitely want to start Servant soon, even though it's M. Night Shyamalan. lol I really hope he'll start making more cohesive stuff again.

    1. Yes, it's quite different. I still prefer the book but this does stand on its own in a lot of ways.
      The good thing about Servant is Shaymalan doesn't write it lol. He directors a few episodes and is a producer.


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