Review: The Menu

Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) are a couple going to an inclusive restaurant on a remote island run by famed Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) Tyler is a huge fan, Margot doesn't get the hype. But they soon find out there's more than just a fancy meal going on here.

The Menu had one of the best trailers I'd seen in ages so I immediately knew I wanted to see it. Not mention I love taking a good food pic. You won't find me forking out $1200 a person like the people in this film to get a fancy meal, but I appreciate it. I was a picky eater growing up, so I have a lot to make up for now when it comes to being an adventurous eater. 

The Menu is a hard movie to describe. Is it horror? Thriller? I think I'd call it a suspenseful drama. You find out what the catch is very early on, but then you have to sit with it, anticipating what's next. It's very well done.

The acting across the board is excellent. Each different table of people has different personalities and reasons for being at the restaurant and the humor hits every time. Nicholas Hoult in particular is the standout. His character is such a dick but he's SO good at being a fanboy here. I have to shout out Hong Chau as well. She has a scene in this film where she's explaining a tortilla dish to someone that I about died during. I want to give her an Oscar for that alone. 

I'm really happy for director Mark Mylod. He's directed episodes from a few of my favorite shows so it's nice to see his work on the big screen.

I loved every moment of this. Going in, I had heard rumblings of the ending not being for everyone but I thought it worked perfectly. I think this might my favorite of the year.

Grade: A+


  1. I've heard awesome things about this. Especially as John Leguizamo based his performance on Steven Seagal whom he worked with back in the mid-1990s in Executive Decision. Man, Leguizamo did a bit in one of his stage performances where he talked about working with that asshole. Seagal came to the set as if he was the big chief and was like "this is my way and my law and blah blah blah" and Leguizamo just laughed at him and then Seagal got pissed off and press Leguizamo into the wall. He was choking the life of Leguizamo but Leguizamo said "what I should've said that he runs like a double-dutching bitch".

    Seagal is a fucking asshole. Earlier this year, Gene LeBell died as he is famous for anyone who knows MMA and pro wrestling yet there is this one great story about his encounter with Seagal. It was in a film set in the early 90s and Seagal thinking he's the fucking shit and unbeatable asked anyone who has the balls to choke him out. LeBell was working as a stunt coordinator and he was much older than Seagal and put Seagal in a chokehold. What Seagal didn't realize for all of his stupidity is that this old man was a fuckin' pro and choked the life out of Seagal so bad that Seagal passed out but also shit himself. That is why no one should respect Steven Seagal because he's nothing more than a fat pussy-bitch who runs like a bitch and gets owned... by eight-year old girls.

    1. OMG I didn't know any of that. It's funny in hindsight about Leguizamo's performance (and ultimately his reason for ending up at the restaurant in the first place) you have to see it.

  2. I so want to see this film. I love Ralph Fiennes and I bet, he plays a chef who noise to cook certain meat. I don’t know much about this movie but I want to see it.

    1. Fiennes is so great in this, you really have to go out and see it!


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