Review: Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

In this 100% true and in no way exaggerated biopic, we learn story of the legendary singer we know today; Weird Al (Richard Aaron Anderson as a child, David Bloom as a teen and Daniel Radcliffe as an adult.)

I can count the number of parody movies I enjoy on one hand and lucky for me, Weird can join that small batch of films. It perfectly parodies the music biopic. The harsh parent, obnoxious record label execs, the fast track to fame. It even managed to capture the annoyance I always feel when we get to the stars inevitable downfall into substance abuse before he is saved from himself and comes back to give us that one last hit again.

It's very by the books, but it's meant to be. And true to its name, it's fucking weird. Would you expect it to be anything else? Daniel Radcliffe is such a showman. Though he's not actually singing, he performs well and I loved watching him. And of course my queen Evan Rachel Wood shows up to play Madonna and that is exactly as amazing as it sounds.

So is this for you? Well if you have a Roku TV you really have no excuse not to watch this. It's free with a few ads.

Grade: B 


  1. I do plan on seeing this month as I want to see ERW kill it as Madonna and I did read she did a lot of research dating back when she was a kid. I knew about the stories between Madonna and Weird Al as we all know it's legendary which is probably why Madonna has always been with a different boyfriend for years because none of them compares to Al. I also remember the time he was really upset that one of his albums went gold instead of platinum as he was hoping to buy a large jacuzzi and had to settle for a medium-size one.

    I have a lot of love for Weird Al as he is overdue to be inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame though he doesn't really need it. In fact, they NEED Weird Al for legitimacy. My niece and nephew love his music.

    1. She's mostly playing a caricature of Madonna so that's impressive she still did a bunch of research. I have a few friends that are big into Weird Al too. They've been to several of his concerts all over the U.S/Canada.


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