Thursday Movie Picks - Movies Where Actors Didn't Like Each Other


This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is JUICY! Suggested by Birgit, this week we're talking about movies where the actors in them did not like each other. This sounds like a great trip down Google for me. Here's what I came up with. 

1) Mad Max: Fury Road -
Leads Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in their own words "fucking went at it" during filming. After putting some years behind them, it seems both feel a lot more sympathy for each other now. That's good, because this movie was awesome. 

2) Kramer vs Kramer -
Meryl Streep already had issues with costar Dustin Hoffman before he got way too into a scene and actually slapped her. That shot is in the film, and Streep never forgave him for it. 

3) The Notebook -
Apparently Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams didn't get along at the start of this movie. Obviously they got over it, because they dated afterwards and had that ICONIC kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. 


  1. What a fun theme!

    Of these three Kramer vs. Kramer is objectively the best though none are bad films.

    With Kramer Meryl wasn't first choice for her role. Dusty wanted Kate Jackson, a fine actress trapped into her Charlie's Angels contract, so she had to decline, but Meryl rips it up as the lost, irresponsible Joanna. Dustin Hoffman is well-known for his at times intense process which has caused conflict with other costars-when he was filming Marathon Man (a terrific thriller) with Laurence Olivier he showed up after staying up for three days to prepare for a scene where he is sleep deprived and Olivier looked at him and said "My dear boy, why don't you just try acting?". That says a lot, so the slap story doesn't surprise me....and Meryl got an Oscar. Not that that makes him hitting her right.

    I'd heard that Charlize and Tom Hardy were less than fond of each other. The filming of Fury Road seems like it was pretty intense and grueling to begin with so the fact that tempers flared isn't too surprising.

    With Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams fighting and then dating I suppose it could just be where they were in their respective lives and other relationships at the time of filming. When Carole Lombard and Clark Gable costarred in their only film together "No Man of Her Own" in 1932 she stated that there was absolutely no spark between them-she was newly married to William Powell and while Gable was an infamous horndog she was completely indifferent. They didn't fight just worked together, finished the film and parted. It wasn't until they met again at a ball, she was hosting four years later when Lombard was divorced and Gable separated that their connection sparked and they fell madly in love until her death in a plane crash while on a War Bond tour.

  2. So many films where the actors didn't throw kisses at each other between takes!! Hard to choose but these are the first three that come to mind.

    1942's I Married a Witch, an absolutely delightful piece of whimsy which served as one of the inspirations for the TV series "Bewitched". Veronica Lake and Fredric March seem completely smitten with each other which is a testament to both their acting prowess since they D-E-T-E-S-T-E-D each other behind the scenes. Veronica had just hit it big the year before and she overheard March refer to her as a jumped-up starlet, plus he put the moves on her and she shot him down. At one point Freddie had to sweep her up in his arms and Veronica, a tiny thing weighing about 100 pounds sewed 40 lbs. of weights into the hem of her dress nearly giving him a hernia! When he commented on how heavy she seemed she said she had big bones. He found out of course and it was complete warfare afterwards.

    The next is 1983’s Terms of Endearment which won Shirley MacLaine her Oscar at last. A real heart tugger Shirl and Debra Winger as her daughter infamously fought both on screen and off during the making of it. Both have commented that it was a tough shot emotionally which fed into their conflict plus they had different processes which didn’t always mesh. However, when both were nominated for Best Actress and Shirley won both were very gracious to each other, Shirley commenting on Debra’s stormy brilliance and Debra responding with happy tears. Both have said they’d never work together again but they respect each other.

    The last is 1994’s I Love Trouble, a real dog of a picture costarring Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte. The production was notoriously contentious between Roberts and Nolte and their utter abhorrence is something that seeps out of every frame of the movie. In some scenes you can feel their hatred for each other.

    1. I had not heard that about I Love Trouble! I had a friend who worked as an extra, and she had nothing but nice things to say about Nolte after working with him. I'm going to have to look up that drama. lol

  3. I read about Theron and Hardy not liking each other hut that friction worked for the film.
    Kramer vs Kramer was good but I thought she would go no where as I found her so annoying. Boy was I wrong. I'm not sure if he found her insufferable, which I can dig, but that slap was nasty.
    I had no idea they didn't like each other at first because all I heard wX how they got it on off camera. Obviously they wrnt back to not liking each other since they are no longer together

    1. That slap was gross, and even grosser now knowing Dustin was essentially just taking his personal life out on her.

  4. We share a pick with Mad Max: Fury Road as I'm glad Tom and Charlize were able to work things out and are cool with one another. I haven't seen Kramer vs. Kramer but I have seen The Notebook which is blah... film though I never did realize that Gosling and McAdams didn't get along at first but I'm glad they got over it and I'm sure they're cool now.

    1. I am too. They were very mature about it, and I'm glad they're good now. I kind of wish Gosling and McAdams were still together. They were so cute.

  5. Haven't seen Kramer vs Kramer and only found out Gosling and McAdams didn't get along on The Notebook recently.

    1. Same here, I feel like it's forgotten because they eventually fell in love.

  6. Oh wow I didn't know about Kramer vs. Kramer


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